November 11th, 2012 Announcements

After months of collecting your suggestions for functionality you would like to see in a WordPress LMS, we have finalized the core features that will be present in the initial release of the LearnDash. First, thank you to all who wrote us and provided their input – our WordPress LMS plugin is truly a product of your suggestions.

This entire process, while rewarding, did prove to be challenging at times. First and foremost, one of the hardest lessons we had to accept was that we cannot be all things to all people. This was a difficult realization since we sincerely want to help everyone who wants to use WordPress as their learning management system. In some cases we had to exclude certain functionality, not because it wasn’t viable, but because we would find ourselves in constant development cycles. We want to get this product to you guys sooner rather than later, afterwards we will add functionality as we receive relevant feedback from the community.

That said, we strongly believe that LearnDash has a solid core set of features. What’s more, the plugin itself is proving to be pretty lightweight, which will keep your WordPress sites running smoothly and without being detrimental to your site’s performance. To be honest, this was one of our main priorities as we want you to be able to customize your LMS to your audience’s needs. If you want to use a custom theme or additional plugins, the last thing we wanted was our plugin causing any issues.

Finally, I should note that LearnDash isn’t a “one-and-done” deal. It will be constantly evolving based on user demand. We also will provide you assistance if you need help with the customization and implementation of your LMS. In the upcoming weeks I will make another post that includes some screenshots of the LearnDash back-end, so check back often. Better yet, sign-up using the yellow bar at the top of the page so you are notified with all relevant updates.

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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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I like the features list. Looking forward to it. I would be willing to beta test LearnDash if you need some testers. Have been developing online training and courses since 1997.


Avatar Kevin

Thanks Kevin, I’m glad you like the feature list. I have your name as a potential beta tester, thanks for reaching out.

Avatar Justin

We are a development team looking for a LMS solution to integrate with wordpress to develop a Musical LMS Site in a reconized Educational organization, and we see this project as a potential solution. How could be one of the beta tester?

Avatar Juanxo

Hi there,
Thank you for your comment. I will add you to the list of potential beta testers. Once we get to that phase, keep an eye out for an email asking you to provide more context about your project and the intent for the LMS. From there, we’ll select testers that represent a variety of needs/uses for a WordPress based LMS.


We are really looking forward to the release of your plugin, we are looking to build an LMS that allows our dealers to take courses on how to integrate our products with the latest applications in technology. Can’t wait for this to finally release.

Thank you Justin, glad you are looking forward to it. Sign-up for the updates so you are first to know when we release!

My want list: I wanted to use WordPress as an LMS on a project and found problems when I wanted the basic features of loading an entire Captivate project swf with the necessary linked files, creating a course registration and logins, and creating a nice attractive easy to use and understand message/discussion board. The existing WordPress plugins are either not good, non-existant or not free. I saw how you recommended loading files directly to the server and linking to them externally to dela with the inability to load or embed a captivate project to WordPress. I cannot think of more advanced want list features without these basis features first.

Avatar Elaine

Hi Elaine-
Thank you for your comment. Sorry to hear about the troubles you had in using WP as your LMS. Some of the existing plugins are in fact not good – most of the free ones fall in this category (although not all). In fact, I’d feel more comfortable leveraging a paid plugin b/c there is a level of support and updates expected, whereas many authors of free versions lack a true incentive to provide any kind of value adding assistance.

I’ve launched Captivate and Articulate from wordpress without issue, but each e-learning course is its own monster, so sometimes there is more troubleshooting initially.

Take care,

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