July 28th, 2016 E-Learning

networkingEducational institutions are often some of the first to use new technology in a learning environment. Over the years the integration of tech into classrooms has really taken off, especially with the accessibility of mobile devices.

It is not uncommon to see classroom learning management systems, blended learning approaches, flipped content delivery, and social learning opportunities all possible because of today’s tools and programs. In a controlled environment the use of ed tech is proving to be quite a successful approach in education.

First, it allows students to learn in a way that is conducive to their own capabilities without pressure to “keep up”. Students requiring more time to learn a certain subject are afforded this opportunity with a classroom LMS. This makes learning more mobile (and affordable).

Another major benefit to infusing classrooms with education focused technology is that it provides easier and faster ways for students (and teachers) to share information.

This can be through online discussion groups or a simple lesson commenting system. If students have online profiles they can communicate ideas outside of the traditional classroom environment.

By leveraging today’s tech tools students have immediate (and constant) access to course material. Teachers can further encourage out-of-classroom studies by forming exercises that require digital participation, perhaps rewarded with gamification elements like badges and points. Studies have shown that ed tech can provide positive returns when implemented properly.

Today’s learner is also very used to technology that it is second nature to them to use these tools. In fact, it won’t be long until it is an expectation for classrooms to use some sort of technology for delivering course content.

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I agree.. today’s children are so much involve in technology and there are so many useful apps that can help them in different ways. There are many applications specially designed for students and which are absolutely free of cost. Technology has changed our life and its all depends on the way you use it. Thanks for sharing this post…

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