November 10th, 2014 E-Learning

questionmarkMost people today agree that elearning is good for business, and a viable way to train people. It is being used in education and corporate sectors alike with great success. We are a digital culture, so elearning is becoming more natural as we rely heavily upon mobile technology in our daily lives.

That said, even though many people would agree that elearning is good, they may not necessarily know why.

A simple Google search will yield many results regarding facts pointing to the benefits of elearning, as well as the positive impact it can have on an organization. Here are just a few of the more persuasive:

1. Traditional training just isn’t enough anymore. In the past, organizations would turn to training for one-off teaching events in the effort to rectify a problem, or to help to facilitate change. The problem here is that people are constantly learning, and often a message needs to be heard more than once before it is fully understood and acted upon. Learners need reinforcement beyond the training.

2. ELearning produces measurable results. Many studies over the years have shown that elearning can increase a company’s ROI, improve student’s grades in school, and help organizations to retain their talent. ELearning effectively reinforces the objectives of an organization and can cover five times the amount of material compared to traditional classroom courses.

3. ELearning is conducive to positive organizational growth. No matter what industry your in, if your organization has a strong elearning culture then you are 46%  more likely to be your industry’s leader. Employee productivity will increase as well, which directly impacts ROI, and therefore makes you more competitive in your market space – including the ability to attract and maintain the top talent. All of this directly contributes to the growth of the organization.

If you are an organization who has yet to put in place an elearning program, now is the perfect time to start! The emerging workforce is fully expecting online learning opportunities, especially since they have been using it for years. We are at the point now where not implementing an elearning program with a robuest learning management system (LMS) could actually hurt your organization’s ability to compete.

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Yea, these are the real reasons, Justin. Thanks for the post.

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