Ultimately there comes a time when you will want to implement a learning management system, and sooner or later you’ll stumble upon this thing called SCORM and you’ll wonder: does it really matter?

If you’re looking to put up just one eLearning course, then perhaps the answer is “no”, SCORM doesn’t really matter. But this isn’t the common scenario.

For the most part, organizations who are considering implementing a LMS have multiple courses they want to train to with future plans of expansion. As is the case with any major implementation, you would be smart to use a standard set of processes and guidelines to control the effort.

SCORM’s international set of specifications makes it easier to track relevant metrics in relation to their courses, and if used correctly, helps drive the learning initiative. Because of the detailed tracking, organizations gain insights into their employees and their continued learning at a higher level than those who decide to not use SCORM compliant LMS/courseware.

“But I can get relevant metrics using a Content Management System as well!”

This is true, to some extent you can set-up various functionality to display some detailed metrics (That’s why I am a big believer in WordPress). However, lack of SCORM compliance does take away a level of control you have over your courses, and it also can cause potential problems in the future if you decide to change or upgrade to a more robust LMS.

With select plugins, WordPress can offer you a wide array of user metrics – couple this with a SCORM compliant functionality and you have yourself a duel CMS/LMS package that is powerful, flexible, customizable, and widely supported. It becomes a Swiss Army knife for your organization.

WordPress LMS is in the works everyone – get excited!  In fact, sign up at the top yellow bar to receive updates on the project’s progress and when it becomes available.

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