November 5th, 2015 E-Learning

computer-on-deskEven though elearning is great for teaching people new skills, it’s not always well-received.

In fact, it can sometimes be frustrating.

Most people can relate to feeling frustrated with an elearning course at least once. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s bound to happen.

There are a multitude of reasons that can contribute to a poor experience with elearning. Below are some of the more common ones (originally shared by SHIFT ELearning).

As an elearning developer, you should keep these frustrations in mind so that you can proactively counter them.

Reasons Why Learners Get Frustrated with ELearning

  • Incorrect expectations
  • Not enough time to complete the course or tasks within the course
  • Unclear instructions
  • No interaction or collaboration
  • Too much information
  • Not enough context for information
  • Lack of post-course support
  • Dated information
  • Lack of visuals
  • Technology issues

Granted, not all possible reasons why people get frustrated with taking an online course are included in the list above. For example, sometimes it’s the learner’s overall demeanor is what influences their perception of the course.

Despite our best intentions sometimes we may overlook some of these items when creating a course. This is why it is so important for your courses to have a “beta” release.

You can use the beta release as a way to gather feedback regarding the course. The learners will share with you the perceived weaknesses or areas that they found confusing. Many times these opportunity areas will help counter some of the listed frustrations.

You will feel more confident in your course if you do a trial run first, and your learners will be less frustrated.

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A great post with excellent insights. There is one more that should be on the list. Our clients really enjoy the training we developed using LearnDash. What they don;t like is the payment process. They would really like to pay and register multiple students with one company credit card. Adding that feature to the payment system would certainly make our clients happy and I have to imagine, many others as well.

Already have that one on the radar 😉 – thanks Andy!

Hey Justin – hope you’re doing well!

I have an e-learning advocacy question for you: the organization I currently work for implements a handful of (really expensive) in-person training at different points in the year and is quite timid about introducing a larger suite of e-learning (which would be much more effective) on both soft and technical skills that would be available to employees year-around.

What argument would you make that e-learning would be more or as effective as in-person training?


Avatar Omar Khedr

Hi Omar!

Usually the most effective way to “make the case” for elearning is to tie it to a metric that the client cares about. This can loosely be defined as associating elearning with ROI, but it doesn’t always have to be about the numbers (although that argument is certainly a solid one).

Some of these may help:

Also, this article/infographic might come in useful as you talk about the implementation process:

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