September 12th, 2017 E-Learning

Without question this is the best example of gamification we have seen on a LearnDash powered learning program.

Many people want to use gamification because it’s trendy.

Others use it because they know that gamification can have a positive impact on learning retention.

Andy and Bradley from The Great E-Course Adventure use it to create an immersive online learning experience that I have never seen before.

They create a new world for their learners, complete with characters side-stories, skits, and gamification elements.

Recently I had the pleasure to jump onto a webinar with Bradley and Andy to talk about their set-up. They were gracious enough to give me a “behind the scenes” look into how they configured their learning portal.

In This Webinar You Will Learn

  • How to create immersive online learning experience
  • The benefit of creating courses in this way
  • What plugins (free and paid) they use to make it all happen
  • How to build a thriving community around your content

Andy and Bradley really don’t hold anything back in this discussion.

Other than the technical set-up (which is impressive to say the least), it was clear to me that both Bradley and Andy have a genuine desire to help their students succeed. Their passion comes through and it is evident in the quality of their course content.

If you like to see how others are using LearnDash and various plugins to create their courses then grab a cup of coffee, a notepad, and watch this webinar.

If you have any questions or comments then don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below!

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Hi guys,

I’m loving this webinar. You guys did a great job with your platform (it’s really way more than a course). Tonight I’ll join to experience it for myself.

Can you post a list of the tech elements you used (WP Themes, plugins, etc)?

This is really inspiring. Congratulations on this amazing project!

Hi Martin-

In case Bradley and Andy don’t see your comment, I can say that they are using:

Beaver Builder
Social Learner by BuddyBoss

(to name a few)

Thanks Justin! This is really helpful.

I’ve got an almost similar setup but Beaver Builder isn’t allowing me to have those nice full width page rows. Does anyone know how I can achieve this? I just bought Leardash and can’t wait to have everything up and running asap!


Hey Martin, thanks so much for saying so. It’s honestly been the funnest project I’ve ever worked on in my life. The way we have merged our creativity with our passions and business minds has been a blast. It’s really fun to see what our community is starting to create as a result from being inspired.

I look forward to sharing the journey up the mountain when you get signed up. Be sure to introduce yourself around the campfire ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hey Brad!

It really looks like you guys had a blast. This project injected and fueled your course (it even sounds weird to use that word) with meaning and gusto.

I’ll definitely say hi from inside.

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Avatar John L

Hi John-

That’s strange… is there a country block on Vimeo for Ireland?

This is amazing. It’s what we should all strive to grow up to be. I actually had most of these ideas already, but trying to turn them into a reality is much easier said than done. It’s hard enough to just create boring content with slides and then build a website and hook up all the stuff, then get people to actually notice it and then pay you money; let alone create this immersive experience with tons of green screen story boarding and custom graphics.

That said, it shouldn’t deter you from trying. One of my big inspirations in this field is the Code School site. It’s been doing this green screen + story boards + immersive learning for a long time now. Each Course has it’s own theme and the lessons build through that theme’s story/experience.

I think the ecourse adventure guys method is even better for most people as it ties the entirety of the site into one major theme/adventure/story.

I just want to remind everyone that these guys have been doing this for over a year and a half and before that had experience with courses, websites, and other stuff that helped them in the creation of this site. If you’re just starting out with no experience what so ever, don’t be discouraged if your product isn’t like this. It happens over time, like they said. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a long journey. You CAN get there eventually. Take baby steps!

The point is to have an end goal in mind when you start, so that all your decisions and effort get you headed in the right direction. This video and I’m sure their website help with that. Good Luck!

Excellent points and reminder Matthew. An online course (or learning program) should undergo multiple iterations as you learn more about what works and what does not work for your students. It’s not a “one and done” deal – at least not the lasting ones.

Thanks for chiming in Matthew. Doing courses this way is indeed a heck of a creative adventure.

We tell our students that if this is their first mountain, they should begin with what we call a “Walk in the Park” (AKA – mini course). Come up with a simple lesson series and then use our theme’ification and gamification philosophies and apply them to that micro experience.

Also, I will say: We honestly had no idea what we were doing when we came up with the idea for the eCourse Adventure. We just keep figuring it out. And when people begin the journey, our first videos start off slow and unpolished. But the further along we got, the better we got and the closer to the top of the mountain you get, the more epic the journey, story, effects and experience becomes.

THAT and we didn’t cut our hair (or my beard) the whole time of building this, so as you go up the mountain, our hair gets longer and we look more and more like mountain men.

I challenged ANYONE out there to even just try making ONE 2-minute video that applies the use of a theme. Watch how much fun you can have.

Good webinar, looks like a great set of courses and features. We are currently working on a version 2 of our site. Thanks for the info and example of some things to do.

Awesome Jeff, glad you enjoyed the webinar. We have a Choose your Own Adventure mini course on how to build a share-worthy course or student learning experience (built with BeaverBuilder). You may find it inspiring too. Check it out at Good luck with the 2.0 website.

Check out the free masterclass intro at the bottom of their site. Epic! It’s Disney meets Einstein meets McFarland (without the fart jokes). We run a school with live courses and hope to move some content online as well as the testing so we can get our students psyched to study at home and reach their full potential. These guys will be the shining star – our true North – along with great tools like Learndash to get ‘Eric done. Thanks for the webinar Justin.

So true about their free masterclass Ryan – it’s incredibly well done. Happy you enjoyed the webinar!

Hey Ryan, that’s about the best compliment we’ve ever received. Especially the McFarland one! LOL

If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely take a look at our Choose your Own Adventure mini course on how to build a share-worthy course or student learning experience (built with BeaverBuilder). You may find it inspiring too. Check it out at

We’ll happily accept the opportunity to help you craft an incredible course that your students LOVE.

Onwards to Launch Summit we go!

Great webinar. Inspiring and informative. Useful to see behind the scenes and learn how the plug-ins can be implemented. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Neale, glad that you found it useful!

Glad you enjoyed it Neale. If you’re looking to dig into a little more of our content, I shared a couple free courses we’ve made that’ll take you deeper into our Experience Design philosophies.

The one is our Masterclass (outerspace Star Wars themed) at

The other is a choose your own adventure mini course at

They’re both super fun to go through.

Hope this spurs some new creative ideas for your work!

Thanks Brad and Justin – already gone thru the masterclass – great ideas – got the workbook need to go thru it and see where it takes me. Willcheck out the course worth sharing as well.

Thank you for sharing your ideas. Your work ties in a lot with Seth Godin’s philosophies. I am currently going thru his Marketing Seminar program which has an active community forum built-in to it (He doesn’t dress up he but does wear different coloured glasses).

Yes, we have huge respect for Seth and his work. We do our best to apply his philosophies to our work. I do reckon we are a purple cow in the eLearning industry. It’s so great to see the word spreading about what we’ve created and that so many people resonate with WHY we’re doing what we do.

Keep us posted on your creative inspirations and hopefully we see you around the mountain soon.

How do you rate Zoom as a platform for webinars?

I have used GoTo Training (Based on GoTo Webinar) for a number of years and am considering changing to Zoom.

Superb work on the site and super inspirational as well!

I just wondered about the tech recommendations on :

and the fact Lifterlms is mentioned instead of Learndash?

Avatar Alan

Hey Alan, great question. We created the Courses Worth Sharing site quite a while ago now.

Our top three recommendations in the GEA are as follows:

1. Teachable if you have no/limited budget or tech skills.

2. LifterLMS+BeaverBuilder if you have moderate tech skills and budget.

3. LearnDash+BeaverBuilder+BuddyPress+Social Learner by BuddyBoss+PaidMemebershipsPro+MyCred if you have solid tech experience or a team and moderate budget.

Hope that makes sense? Thanks for reminding us to update that tech page and add LearnDash!

Hi guys, this is awesome! I wonder if you’d be willing to share the line of code that was needed to integrate MyCred. We’re building a corporate training site with LD, Social Learner, Memberium and IS, and I’d love to implement virtual currency to reward learners with our branded merchandise to expand their “uniform” options at work. Any insight on this (MyCred) to shorten the learning/implementation curve would be great.
Many thanks!!

Avatar Brian Morris

Hey Brian (love your last name), sounds super cool. Glad Justin pointed you in the right direction with your integration. If you and your team want to brainstorm, I love finding creative ways to gamify courses. I’d be happy to offer you 30 minutes of pure creative brainstorming if you want to explore other ideas for your course. Just reach out at our website if you do. I’m off grid til next Monday, but I’ll return your message upon my return to civilization! Love that you’re creating your own currency too. The bajillion has been a big hit amongst our mountain travellers!

this post was awesome! I want to follow the “LearnDash+BeaverBuilder+BuddyPress+Social Learner by BuddyBoss+PaidMemebershipsPro+MyCred” path. I was just wondering about the differences between WP
Achievements and BadgeOS. Does anyone know which one works better or has more features to use with LearnDash? I cannot decide between the two. and does GEA utilize either one?

Thank you,

Go with BadgeOS. WPAchievements development has slowed down.

Hi Justin!

First of all, this was such an awesome webinar! It’s really awesome to see these things being broken down.

Regarding gamification: Do you think that BadgeOS is a stable system that can be relied on in the long term?

I attempted using the free version at the beginning of this year, and at that point the plugin hadn’t been updated in a significant amount of time (and the resulting reviews were concerning.) They’ve since put out an update for the free version a few months ago, but I’m wary about building a system around (or spending money on) a product that seems to have a history of unreliable upkeep… Do you have any thoughts on that?

Thanks so much!

Avatar Edge

Happy you liked it! BadgeOS was going through a transition and is now being actively developed. They’ve been focusing on cleaning up some of the initial issues before future (new) development. It’s a good option, but if you’d like others then MyCred (used in this webinar) and GamiPress are worth a look.

Ah I see! That’s really helpful to know – thank you for the reply and suggestions.

Avatar Edge

What an amazing webinar this was! I enjoyed every moment, learned a lot and got inspired to create a course that will change learning a new language forever!

I have one question though…

I will be working with written stories and not with images or videos. And to keep my students engaged I’d like to have interactive stories as lessons and topics. The idea is that a lesson or topic is directed by the input of my students. Is something like that possible with LearnDash?

Looking forward to your reply. Thank you in advance!



Avatar Hashim Naushahi

Wow – awesome webinar. I am more motivated than ever to get the social learning side up and running on my LMS. Will also be joining the adventure.

Avatar Julie

Wicked July. Let us know when you’re on the mountain with us. We’d love to help you with your climb!

Avatar Bradley morris

I got totally sucked in by their content. Great job guys!

Thanks Kyle. Did you see we just set up our newest offering, ?

Did you ever join the course and climb the mountain with us? We haven’t seen you around yet!

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