Want To Work In The ELearning Industry?

ed-techIf you were to ask college graduates what it is they are majoring in, not many would say “elearning”.

Okay, a few may say “instructional design” but that is a little broad.

Many of us “fell” into elearning some way or another.

New technology came along and we volunteered (perhaps were assigned) to be the ones to learn and implement it.

Then there are those who had a more natural path to the elearning realm.

For example, many teachers and professors find that over time they migrate to elearning development.

No matter what your path was to the elearning industry one thing is for sure: it’s a fun and challenging!

First, the industry itself can be divided into many sub-categories. You have the technology side, instructional design component, project management piece. You can work in sales and even support.

There really is something for everyone.

Finding An ELearning Job

Finding a job in any industry can be challenging. There is just so much to sift through.

A few years ago I offered up some advice for finding a career in elearning.

While the article itself is geared towards the instructional designer, it may give you some ideas on how to proceed.

One of the great things is that often these jobs have a remote work component – offering a little more flexibility.

A great resource for finding remote opportunities is FlexJobs. Pretty great site and I’ve noticed that they always seem to have positions available in the elearning space.

Indeed.com is another great resources for finding jobs (make sure to use their advanced search for more filter options).

I’d recommend starting with the sites above just to see what’s out there.

And while you’re at it, why not have a look at the positions we have available here at LearnDash 🙂 .

Available Positions


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