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Not too long ago elearning courses that were created in programs like Articulate and Adobe Captivate were held prisoner to specific learning management systems.

And the name of these handcuffs was SCORM.

While certainly revolutionary during its heyday, SCORM started to pale in comparison to many of the light-weight, flexible APIs available in other applications.

Thus, we got Tin Can API (also known as Experience API).

Tin Can opens up new possibilities in terms of where rapid elearning content can live, and that includes WordPress.

The Ultimate LMS Flexibility

If you’re using Articulate Storyline (or a similar program) and are tired of your restrictive LMS then I have good news for you: it has never been easier to jump ship!

As long as you have a learning record store in place then you’re good to go. The data will reside in your LRS of choice and you can host the actual course anywhere you choose.

This is precisely the reason why people choose to use LearnDash as their LMS in conjunction with their Tin Can published courses.

Your course take on a life of their own when you use a combination of the GrassBlade xAPI companion, GrassBlade LRS, and LearnDash.

You can use the great features in these rapid elearning development programs to create highly interactive content for your LearnDash courses. In addition, you can implement the best of WordPress like shopping carts, badges and points, certificates, forums, BuddyPress, etc. to create a truly unique offering.

If you’re interested in using programs like Articulate Storyline for WordPress then don’t hesitate to contact us.

We love WordPress, plus our background is based in the elearning industry – a rare combination that will only benefit you!

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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Thanks for this article. It’s reassuring for someone like me starting out with both LearnDash and Articulate Storyline. The short journey so far has been a pleasant experience with both.

Avatar Celito

Thanks Celito, happy to hear it!

Unfortunately it doesn’t support Articulate Studio, which is a big bummer for me.

The GrassBlade xAPI add-on works with LearnDash + WordPress + Articulate Studio

I’m so confused. Sorry. Using WordPress with Learndash. Now I want to implement Tin Can so I can have SCORM-type reporting. There are so many plugins that seem similar to me (Grassblade, xAPI, etc.). Which plugins do I need to install, and what functionality does each give?

And to add reporting, do I need to buy/install Tin Canny> Or is there another reporting schema?

Thank you for your patience.

LearnDash can support both SCORM data and Tin Can API (xAPI). Specifically,SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 are supported for Articulate, iSpring, and Adobe Captivate using this add-on.

(full details on SCORM versions supported available here).

​If you go the route of Tin Can API, you’ll need to specify a Learning Record Store (LRS) as well. There are both free and paid options out there. The best free option is probably Learning Locker, and the best paid option is GrassBlade LRS offered by NSS (due to its tight LearnDash integration).

If you don’t need data (as in Tin Can data) obtained from the file itself, you can launch Articulate/Captivate in LearnDash using this free solution.

Thank you. Can we use the GrassBlade xAPI companion alone with learndash or do we need the GrassBlade LRS?

You need an LRS to use GrassBlade xAPI companion (it can be any LRS, not just GrassBlade).

Is there a plugin that allows me to use Learn Locker as my LRS with LearnDash?

Avatar Tim

You can use that with GrassBlade xAPI Launcher as well (you can use any LRS for that matter). GrassBlade LRS just has a tighter LearnDash integration (for example, with the ‘mark complete’ button).

Is there any update with regards to the integration of LearnDash with the Tin Can API.? There were multiple phases planned with regards to this, so how far is LearnDash now. ?

Hi, We have a 23 lesson course produced in Articulate Rise and would like to use WordPress and Learndash as a LSM solution. What do we need to buy för making it work? Which LearnDash license and Tinny Can or GrassBlade or both? I am new in this field and like it to be easy for me to set it up. I will be the only one producing it.
Best regards,

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