November 8th, 2017 Business

Fill your sales funnel with an online course “tripwire”.

In online marketing there is this term… “tripwire”. If you haven’t heard of it then don’t worry, I’ll explain. 🙂

A tripwire is often low dollar product designed to turn visitors into paying customers with a relatively low-risk offer. The idea is that when someone becomes a customer then they are more likely to purchase higher ticket items from you. So despite the fancy name, it’s really just straight-forward “sales 101” type stuff.

Online businesses really like tripwires because they are often inexpensive to produce and can have a tremendous long-term value.

Tripwire offerings can include a variety of things, from reports to actual physical products. Lately, there has been a rise in using micro-courses as a tripwire. This makes a lot of sense because if you are selling a high-priced course, you can offer a micro-course on the same topic at a much lower price to get people into the door.

Setting Up a Tripwire with LearnDash takes Minutes

Here’s a neat little strategy.

Create a free (valuable) report of some kind related to the topic of your tripwire course. As soon as someone signs-up to download the report, present to them a tasteful sales message for the tripwire course on the “thank you” page. You already know they are interested in the topic so it doesn’t hurt to give them an opportunity to learn more on the subject via your micro-course for $10 or so.

If you are worried about the time it will take to create a tripwire micro-course, then don’t. Using LearnDash it will literally take you a couple minutes using the LearnDash Course Builder.

You can simply Re-Use Your Existing Content

  1. Create a New Course and give it a title
  2. Set a price
  3. Add desired lessons (from content you already created)
  4. Press Publish

You’re done!

You now have a tripwire offering you can put at the bottom of blog posts, on social media, and in any promotions that you currently have running. Heck, even email your prospect list to let them know!

LearnDash and WordPress give you the ability to get quite creative with the courses you create. Leverage this flexibility to offer value to your customers and they will return the favor by becoming loyal fans and repeat buyers of your products.

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