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For years Infusionsoft has been the “go-to” tool for businesses around the world, and were one of the pioneers of “business automation”.

Using their software you can accept online payments, configure email campaigns based on user behavior, and offer robust custom membership site experiences.

Some of the biggest marketers today use Infusionsoft because it makes them (a lot) of money. Digital Marketer is a perfect example but it isn’t just marketing firms that use it. Really businesses of any size can leverage the Infusionsoft suite of tools to nurture leads, gain more customers, and increase customer loyalty.

There are many alternatives to Infusionsoft that offer similar functionality, and perhaps I’ll address those at another time. This article will focus on using Infusionsoft with LearnDash.

Why Use Infusionsoft with LearnDash?

The functionality inherent to Infusionsoft makes it possible to deliver very personal, unique learning programs. The tagging functionality alone can help guide learners along in a course based on their performance and progress.

By way of example, Troy Dean from WPElevation uses Infusionsoft to time release additional courses based on the learner’s time in his program. This way he prevents them from being overwhelmed by the amount of material.

You can tag users in Infusionsoft based on their performance on quizzes as well which is a great way to configure follow-ups using the same system you use for customer relations. For example, this then makes it possible to recommend additional (paid or free) resources.

[Sidebar: Not using Infusionsoft? You can use the LearnDash Notifications for a similar purpose]

The point is that by using LearnDash with a powerful platform like Infusionsoft you open up additional possibilities for your learning program. The combination of automatically tagging customers in your CRM based on their learning behaviors is a great way to leverage “learning automation”.

Connecting Infusionsoft and LearnDash

Below are the most popular ways we have seen people connect LearnDash with Infusionsoft (in alphabetical order):

The first three are membership plugins that act as the “link” between LearnDash and Infusionsoft. These will offer you the tightest integration. The last option (Zapier) will permit a more basic Infusionsoft integration but still valuable (i.e. adding a tag in Infusionsoft at time of course enrollment).

“Should I Use Infusionsoft and LearnDash?”

We get this question quite often and the answer is “it depends”.

Primarily, it depends if you’re currently using Infusionsoft for your business or if you’re seriously considering using it. When it comes to the benefits of using a platform like Infusionsoft then you will best served by reaching out directly to them.

However, if you are just interested in some of the more basic functionality that is possible with LearnDash and Infusionsoft, then you could always leverage some of the free LearnDash add-ons.

As mentioned above, the Notifications add-on can go a long way.

LearnDash also comes with some robust shortcodes so that you can display certain (non-course related) content to students depending on their enrolled courses. You can even present unique messages based on whether they have completed it or not.

If you have not yet signed-up for Infusionsoft then we recommend starting with LearnDash since you can always add an Infusionsoft integration at any point in time using one of the solutions mentioned above.

Have additional questions relating to LearnDash? We would be happy to answer them, just send us a message and someone will reply shortly!

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LearnDash is an amazing platform when combined with Infusionsoft. The power and capabilities make it the preferred LMS that we recommend to our customers.

LearnDash is such a large part of our site owner’s experience that discussions around LearnDash, how to use it and how to maximize it are the second most frequent topic in our Facebook group.

Thank you Justin and the LearnDash Team

– Dave

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