Using Ed Tech For Greater Impact

ed-techEducational technology is big business today.

We are seeing it in public schools, universities, and even in the corporate sector. The reason why is quite clear: when used properly it has a positive impact.

Across the world, classrooms are leveraging ed tech tools to help students learn about new concepts in new and exciting ways.

However, no matter how flashy the tool that is used, it’s important to remember that the technology itself is not what makes ed tech successful.

Ed tech tools are successful when the people implementing them understand how to use them which includes knowing the limitations. Teachers and facilitators are what make the technology work!

Perhaps you have considered implementing some form of ed tech for your classroom or training program? If so, the six reasons below may provide motivation for taking the leap towards ed tech!

3 Benefits Of Leveraging Ed Tech

1. Student Engagement – Education technology often requires that the learner apply key learning principles, making them active participants in the entire learning process which proves to be more effective than simply reading or taking notes.

2. Flipped Classrooms – Many ed tech tools, such as learning management systems, make it possible for instructors to utilize in-person classroom time for simulations and various applications of course content. In the off-hours, students learn the content in an elearning context.

3. Real Time Data – As students interact within ed tech environments, the instructor often has access to real time data that provides insight to how the key concepts are being interpreted, and where there may be gaps in understanding. This makes it possible for teachers and facilitators to adjust their lesson plans as needed so that trouble areas can be addressed.


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