June 4th, 2013 Announcements

October 13, 2015: The step-by-step instructions for translating LearnDash have been updated. Customers should reference this article.

One of the great things about WordPress is that it is used by different cultures all over the world.  That being the case, there is a real need for the themes and plugins to be internationalized so that they can be easily translated to other languages.  Today, I am very pleased to announce that the LearnDash code has now been internationalized – making it easy for anyone to translate the plugin into their native language!

Now, no matter what language you need to delivery your courses, lessons, and quizzes – LearnDash enables you to do so quite easily – simply follow the steps below:

1. To create your .po and .mo files (the files needed for translations), there is a really good plugin called “Codestyling Localization” – download and install this plugin. Once installed and activated, you can find the plugin options under the tools > Localization menu.

2. To create a new language search for your plugin in the Codestyling Localization menu and press the “Add new language” button. This will create an empty .po file for the translation.

3. To get the texts to translate press the “Rescan” button of the language. That will scan your plugin files looking for texts. When Codestyling Localization scan your files search for that function and put all the texts in the .po file. Then press the Edit button so you can start translating.

4. When you are finished, you need to compile your .po file into a .mo file to be understandable for WordPress. You have a “generate mo-file” button inside the Edit section.

When you have all the files, the plugin will show the texts in the language that WordPress uses. So if you have your WordPress in Spanish, all the texts shown will be Spanish.

That’s it – happy translating!

[Note: If you are a customer and wish to donate your translation to the LearnDash community, please contact us and we’ll give you proper credit :)]

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Very interesting point, much easier to translate that way than with local (windows) PO editors. I’m interesting in not reinventing the wheel though, and wondered if anybody had worked on the French translation ? Any idea or source you could share ? Have a nice day.

We actually do have someone working on the French translation at the moment – we will make sure to contact you once this is finalized!

I am very interested by your module
Learndash is it available currently in French?
Is it possbile to create quizzes with files attachments?
thank you

Avatar Stephane Renault

Hello Stephane-

Thanks for the note. Yes, LearnDash is available in French. Quizzes currently do not have attachments, but we have an assignment functionality where you can allow users to upload documents.

Hello, we are customizing the LearnDash French translation because it’s lacking lot of strings and some terminology doesn’t match up with ours.
Will it be erased on upgrade? How to prevent that if it’s the case?

Thanks !

Avatar Alex Martin

Hi Alex-

You can resync the .pot file and any missing strings will appear for translation. You could try the following solution for saving your translations upon updates, offered up by the following LearnDash customer in this forum thread.

Some trings cannot be translated like Expand All / collapse all / Course Content.
Where are they ?

Avatar Frédéric

Hi Frederic-

Thanks for the note. Make sure to rescan your .MO file (Course Content will then appear). We are adding internationalization to the Expand/Collapse links and will be released in our next minor update.

Can you please create this update? I want to be able to translate all texts.
Now it is ‘mostly’ Dutch, but not completely yet.
Would be really nice!

Hi Peter-

All text can be translated – send a note to support and we can provide assistance.

I’m working on an LMS for a multinational corporation that has a need for courses to be in both English and Spanish. Additionally, we need to be able to report which employees at which locations completed the required courses. Would this be something we could configure with LearnDash? Please let me know as I’m working through different LMS options currently. Thanks!

– Jacob

Hi Jacob-
Thanks for the note. Feel free to send us a note at https://www.learndash.com/contact to discuss your options.

I am trying to translate but I get a access error when I start the scan:
“CodeStyling Localization – Toegangsfout”
Deactivated all plugins but Learndash but still this error,
what to do?
Thanks for the advice


Hi Satori-
Thanks for the note. Feel free to open a help desk ticket and we can assist.

Do you have a Spanish translation completed?

Thank you!

Hi! where and how could I have access to this translation?

Thanks in advance

Avatar Adriana Robledo


I would like to create an e-learning website fully bilingual.
I’d use wpml plugin.
Learndash plugin is compatible with wpml?
Would it be possible to add another quiz plugin to develop a blog on the same site?


Avatar Cedric

Hi Cedric-

Thanks for the comment. I know some people are using LD and WPML together. Just this week we started working with their team in the effort to become ‘officially compatible’.

You say you have spanish translation ready, could i get a copy of the .mo files ?

Hi Sergio-
Sure do! You can find it in the “Languages” folder, which is in the main folder of the plugin.

Hi, do you have Czech translation? But I probably already know the answer :-).

Avatar David

Hi David-
No we don’t have one on file. Our translations are user donated.

I would like to edit it with Poedit

Avatar Mike

Hi Mike,
All languages can be found in the ‘languages’ folder. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to write us.

Avatar Ines

Thanks Ines – this article needs to be updated as we now recommend Poedit for making all language updates. If you’re a LearnDash customer, you can see step-by-step instructions here.

I am interested in the Learn Dasha lms. I have a WP responsive site and I have a training course I created in ppt 2016. It has an interactive workbook with short quizzes, a final exam and activities/exercises. I want to convert to video format, but before doing so I need to decide on the LMS I will use.

I have the Google translation on my WP site and it works great. Now I need a LMS that will convert in any language the student speaks or as many languages as possible. The goal is for students to be able to take any of my courses in their native language.
Is the above possible?

Does this LMS also offer option to do live training like webinar?

For live webinars/conferencing, any platform you choose to use that integrates with WordPress can be used in conjunction with LearnDash. Popular platforms include GoToMeeting, Skype, AnyMeeting, BigBlueButton, and GoogleHangouts.

Depending on how you intend to use this functionality, our Zapier integration may be an option to connect LearnDash activities to platforms like GoToMeeting ( https://www.learndash.com/zapier )

Long time as this article , so that plugin codestyling localization deosn’t found in wordpress now , so we need other solution for make our learndash illisible just with french language thank you

Avatar Med Ali Ben Jomaa

At 27-12-2016
I used plugin “Loco Translate” is work

Avatar max

I am thinking of using this plugin for our website.
but is it possible to have two videos (one in English and one in another language) for the same lesson in LearnDash ?? So a student could watch the video in english if he/she wishes but can also watch in in the other language. We will record them separately but is there a way of showing them in the same lesson.
If not
are there any workarounds?

Avatar Tushar

You can insert two videos but not have two separate videos depending on the language being shown.

Hi Justin,
I love Learndash. But the language is problem.
Why don’t you have updated translated files available at each change?
Or a space where everyone could find the last valid file.

We could each translate the file but it is not consistent.

For example, in my case, I’m looking for the French file.

Thanks for your reply.

Avatar Ludovic

Hi, we are setting up learndash for a client, they want dual language functionality, but the learndash recommended translation plugin codestyling has been removed from the plugin repository. What is the alternative, we cannot find confirmation anywhere on the WPML site that it is compatible with learndash. We tried loco translate but this does not have a language switcher. Any suggestions anyone?

People use WPML with LearnDash. We are working on official compatibility, which should come about in early 2018.

we are working on a client’s site with LearnDash which should be finished by June 2018 and would really need WPML compatibility. Can I ask if LearnDash is already WPML compatible?

Avatar Alenka

Yes you can use WPML with LearnDash.

Why when buying one course in LearnDash + woocommerce plugin in english, there are + 3 in Spanish version of web site ?

I can’t even imagine, why this is happening. Products in woocommerce are linked with courses in learndash in english and spanish versions.. Please help

Avatar Nick

Please raise a ticket with support so we can assist.

I read on the website that only left to right texts can be translated. What about Japanese (most people read it right to left on websites)?

Avatar Emil

This page is outdated. There is no more Codestyling localization plugin. Can you update this?????? I am beating my head against the wall and about to give up on LearnDash because most of your instructions are terribly outdated. I am trying to translate it to Russian. And I am so tired. Because it seems to be near freaking impossible. I purchased Poedit and those guys are sending me in circles too! I am just a regular person trying to figure this out and it’s so MANY steps and you have to go down these rabbit holes that don’t lead anywhere. Why can’t it be easy?? In our day and age, the software can be smart enough to be available in any language and you don’t have to jump through crazy hoops to translate LD to another language. But I guess it’s not the case. SO frustrated!!!!!

Translating is certainly still possible. Open a ticket with your specific questions and someone will assist.

I am pretty frustrated too. something like Language adjustments should be possible to do with a click. And I agree, Why do you leave this article with false instructions. Just support new reliable instructions at least, if you are not able to install an easy way to change language!
Thanks Peter

Open a ticket with support and we can point you in the right direction.

I’m in the process of translating the language file into Swedish. I have been in contact with support (Yes, I have a valid licence), but they do not seem to prioritize this? Otherwise, I can not really understand the prolonged response time, or that not all of my tickets are answered.

However, the issue I have now is the case of uppercase and lowercase. How can I make the usage of uppcase in the original english language file to be displayed in lowercase in the Swedish translation?

And if I change the strings in the LearnDash ProPanel setting, it is a global change that also effects when it should be a capitalized letter at the beginning of the translated string…

I was planning to share the translation with you when it is finished, but I would really appreciate some help on the road.

Avatar H.Kim

Also, in future releases, it would be great to have the language file marked so that we can only translate the part that affects the users. I do not mind to have English as the default language in the WP backend, but I need the pages displayed to the users to be in Swedish.

Avatar H.Kim


“Previous” Lesson / “Back to” Course / “Next” Lesson, the same with the themes “Previous” Theme / “Back to” Theme / “Next” Tema, All that is in quotation marks cannot be translated, they are texts that appear on the lesson and theme buttons. These translations are included in the .po files but it is seen that the code is wrong because they are not applied and cannot be translated.

Avatar Mario

Hi Justin Ferriman,

have you been able to look into Mario’s question?
I’m editing the dutch translation, and I am facing the same issue. Everything I edit in the .po file is showing up, except the “Previous %s”, “Back to %s”, “Next %s” translations.

Can you please help me out.

Avatar Menno


In Codestyling Localization page, says
“This plugin has been closed and is no longer available for download.”

Please Advise.

Avatar Goudarzi

Try poedit, or locotranslate. Any translation plugin really will do.


I am tunisian and I would like to implement learndash for my website.

1. Do you accept payments from Tunisia (VISA credit card) ?
2. Is there any technical constraint with this country ?
3. I wish to translate the leardash program in french, is it feasable ?

Thank you in advance,


Avatar Osama HAMDI

Ohhh No I’m the last one see this
Please update the article because the plugin Codestyling Localization is stopped downloading and you can tell us the alternative
and Thanks for learndash its awesome
i want the arabic language

Please open a ticket. The languages work with LearnDash, I promise 🙂 — details on our recommended option for translating are found here: https://www.learndash.com/support/docs/guides/translation/

Helo mester. havar yo, i vant to cerit moltilangoij vebsait and sell corses in two or teree langoijs, i vanted to know can this pelugin and my vebsite be teransleited, i min i teransleit all the thinges, and then some felags of cunteris up in my vebsait for any user tap on the felag and my vebsait be teranslaited for him in langoij that i made the teranslashion ready for it? Tank you very moch.

hello I have a problem.

I installed the Polylang plugin and leardash did not put me on the pages of the second language. say 404 error

You’ll need to reach out to Polylang support

how can translate learndash into Arabic language
many thanks

Avatar Ahmed

Hello, can i use purely arabic language on the course. No english

Avatar Lee

Hi LearnDash-Team

Our platform provides kung fu courses available in different languages using LearnDash and WPML. We have problems, that courses aren’t displayed to customers when the language of the website doesn’t match the language of the course. But that’s exactly what we need. We want to provide our customers the possibility to buy a course, for example in german, and access it as well, when the site language currently is set to English. There is the case that a course is available in Swiss German, but there is no site language Swiss German (German is provided).

What do you suggest to decouple course languages from site languages?



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