January 14th, 2020 Announcements

Trigger other apps, course enrollments, and more based on course activity… from the Zapier platform!

Have you ever wanted to sell a LearnDash course using a shopping cart like Shopify?

Or perhaps enroll webinar attendees (using GoToWebinar, Zoom, etc.) into a course?

You can do this (and so much more) using the updated Zapier v2.0 add-on for LearnDash!

It has never been easier to connect your LearnDash-powered courses to the most popular apps available today, and you can do it directly on the Zapier platform.

What’s so great about this update?

By using the LearnDash Zapier v2.0 add-on, you can connect the application of your choice to your LearnDash courses by Zapier using their intuitive interface. That’s right, no more webhook configuration!

This benefits you in a few ways. First, it makes it dead simple to set up your own automation sequences between the tools you already use and your LearnDash courses. The Zapier interface for connecting LearnDash to other apps is really “color-by-numbers” easy!

But this update is more than just letting you use the Zapier platform to trigger actions in different apps. In addition, you can now use other apps to trigger actions in LearnDash!

Let me make sure that sinks in…

This update makes it possible for you to tell completely separate applications (for example, GoToWebinar) to perform an Action in LearnDash, such as enrolling someone into a course!

All of this is accomplished by using Triggers and Actions in Zapier. When you use LearnDash on the Zapier platform, you will find a number of possible Triggers.

LearnDash “Triggers”

  • Enrolled into course
  • Course completed
  • Lesson completed
  • Topic completed
  • Quiz passed
  • Quiz failed
  • Quiz completed
  • Essay submitted
Example Zap with LearnDash Trigger

So for example, let’s say you wanted to have a final coaching call with all the learners who completed a course. Well, as you can see above, all it takes is just few clicks you are all set:

  1. Set the Trigger to “Course Completed in LearnDash”
  2. Set the Action to “Create Registrant in GoToWebinar”

We made sure to include a ton of useful triggers so that you can get really specific on how you want to connect your LearnDash courses to other applications.

LearnDash “Actions”

  • Add user to a course
  • Remove user from a course

Actions are really cool because it means you can start using other apps to add or remove users from your courses. For instance, this is what makes it possible for you to enroll someone into a course when they purchase a Shopify product.

We plan to add more Actions based on your feedback, so leave ideas in the comments!

Here is another example that I just thought of: enroll someone into a course after they have signed an agreement using the RightSignature app:

Example Zap with LearnDash Action

Pretty neat, huh?

You are only limited by your imagination. Here are just a few other ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

LearnDash example Zaps

Want to see a step-by-step example?

Even if you have used Zapier in the past, sometimes it is helpful to see an example. We have included step-by-step tutorial in our Zapier documentation on how to add a user to you a Mailchimp email list after they complete a LearnDash course.

LearnDash to Mailchimp example

Are you ready to get started?

Getting started with the new LearnDash Zapier add-on is simple. First, make sure your LearnDash license is entered and valid.

If you are already using the Zapier add-on, then you will see an update prompt. Update the add-on and you’re good to go! Your existing webhook triggers will not be impacted (they will still work).

Install Zapier add-on

If you don’t have the Zapier add-on installed yet, go to LEARNDASH LMS > ADD-ONS to install and activate it. Then you’re all set!

Once you have the add-on installed (or updated), head on over to the LearnDash Zapier documentation for details on creating your first Zap on the Zapier platform.

Not yet part of the LearnDash community?

Perhaps you are using another platform, or maybe you just haven’t yet made up your mind on which online course platform is best for you.

Whatever your situation, I personally invite you to JOIN US! and see for yourself what LearnDash can do for you and your online courses!

Trust me, you’ll be in good company. πŸ™‚

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Thank you, thank you, thank you Justin! I’ve been waiting for this. I mean it was possible to make LD talk to Mailchimp via Zapier before but it required multiple steps. This will save me $ because it means fewer zaps per event. Nice job!

Beth Livingston
The WP Project Manager’s Academy

Thanks Beth – so glad you’ll be able to put it to use!

Wait. I wrote that message above before I actually tried out the Zapier upgrade. I need a Mailchimp field updated when a User completes a lesson… a specific lesson. But I don’t see a way to select a specific lesson. The Sample comes up as Lesson A and then when I drop it down, all I get is unselectable text. Am I missing something?

Justin, you may not remember but we actually met at WCUS this year.


You can use the filter option in Zapier to choose as specific Lesson.

And yes, I remember! Hope you’re well. πŸ™‚

Thanks! I’ll check out that filter thing. Yes, I am well. Just launched the WP Project Manager’s Academy using Learndash and Memberpress.

Hope you also are well. And, for the record, as an Instructional Designer, I would just like to say, I LOVE LEARNDASH! πŸ™‚


I still can’t get this to work. I guess I should open a ticket instead of cluttering your comments with my issues. I’ll do that.

Thanks for the update, it is great!

Is there a way to trigger a Zapier action when a next lesson becomes available to the student? (In a drip-content configuration).

Avatar Nick

I’ve been using this update for a while, in its beta stage, and it works perfect.
I’d like to have these possibilities:

1. Add/remove to/from groups trigger and action
2. Pull course/group name dynamically, based on user data from previous zap steps


Avatar Asaf

Thanks Justin and Team LD πŸ™‚
I would like to see the Action to Enroll/Remove a user into/from a Group.

Avatar Ken

Whoohoo! Great additional ya’ll!!! Thank you!

Avatar Zac

Great! But the trigger I wish the most is lesson available to the group (group dripp). It looks like there is no reliable option to send email when that happens, because the plugins provided are still buggy. So this trigger would let us use more reliable solution like MailChimp.

Wow – great. I was just about to start a big workaround effort and now it’s all possible without hazzle? Still can’t believe it and I am keen to try…

Excellent news. But as a developer, are we getting closer to having a documented API for LearnDash? If you want a great model, look at how Memberpress does it.

Thanks Doug, yup that’s in the works!

Great news and a great update. This allows users with a tighter budget to start automating their sites.

I’d suggest adding groups to actions for Zapier.

New actions:
– add user to group
– remove user from group

Ideally, the same goes for actions, but there seem to be many different ways of enrollment into groups right now without a unifying trigger event within learndash. So I don’t know if that will ever be possible. In fact, the lack of integration with the groups is a problem for integrating CRMs into LDs group management.

Me personally, I will not be using Zapier, as I don’t like adding additional third party service providers handling our user data. I use the Uncanny Automator for that reason, since all user data stays with me with that plugin as for as I know. It does cost a little more, though and needs a beefier server setup.

Avatar Peter

P.S.: it should be: “ideally, the same goes for trigger”

Sorry about that.

Avatar Peter

Thanks for this Peter, appreciated!

I second this, it would be really helpful to be able to add/remove users from a group based on some trigger.

Avatar Joseph

I also agree – add users to group is a big one.
I’d love to see that instead of add user to course in the GravityForms addon, but Zapier might suffice as a workaround.

Oh man! I’ve been waiting for this update for a long time! It’s just in time for the launch of our new training platform!!! So, in theory, this would allow me to mark courses as completed to a batch of learners listed in an Excel spreadsheet?

Thank you so much!

Avatar David

Great to hear David! “Complete Course” is not yet a supported Action, but I’ve noted the suggestion!

Mark a course as complete, or not complete as an action would be useful.

Avatar Donald Mallicoat

Integromat is Zapier on steroids. Way more powerful and way cheaper. It would be great if you could make automation plugin for Integromat.

Avatar Karol


Is it possible with Zapier to remove contacts out of Active Campaign when they finished a Learndash course?

Hey Onne!

We have a “Course Complete” trigger so it would depend on what is available for Actions in ActiveCampaign. Looking at Zapier I don’t see “Remove” as an action, but I do see “Update a Contact”. Perhaps you can update a contact to no longer be included on a specific list in that case.

Haven’t looked at the plugin yet, but often I’ve found I have to add a tag with Zapier and then have an automation that handles that in Active Campaign.

Avatar Donald Mallicoat

Apart from Zapier, does that mean we can make use of an API to perform CRUD operations on students/courses from outside of WordPress? I mean, if you built a Zapier integration, you must have this API ready, right?

Avatar Luis Rock

Hey Justin,

That is one awesome update to kick off 2020 with.

Looking forward to see the Zapier integration develop further, especially with as mentioned above: add/remove to/from Groups trigger/action.

Awesome stuff!


Would like Integromat as well

That sounds great, Justin! Looking forward to trying this.

Does the additional capability mean that we will now be able to generate a monthly e-mail report of who has passed quizzes? It would be great to know how to do this.

I just tried to use this but it isn’t possible to copy and paste the API key from LearnDash LMS > Zapier > Settings. Is there something to enable this?

Thanks again,

How about enroll people in a course after signing up with WP Ultimo for hosting?

Avatar Professor Dave

That would only work if WP Ultimo is on Zapier and if they have a trigger related to sign-ups.

Please tell Zapier to include Zoom meeting registration as a trigger for LearnDash course enrollment. At present, Zoom only considers webinar registration as a Zoom event.

This is absolutely amazing! Thanks for this update!

Glad you like it Robert! πŸ™‚

This is great.

I would also like to mention Integromat too. It’s much more flexible than zapier, better interface and way cheaper too.
Please consider it in the future.

Hello ! I also use Integromat which is far better that Zapier (in my opinion ????).
So if you can create an Integromat integration, that would be really appreciated !
Best regards

Avatar Maxence

To people interested by this integration, don’t hesitate to also add your vote in Integromat feature request : https://www.integromat.com/en/requests/new-app-requests/p/learndash

Avatar Maxence

Will it be possible to use this to identify people who have gotten stuck in a course and send them a reminder/motivational e-mail?

Just want to add my name to the list of people who would like to see an “Add To Group” action for the Zapier integration. Any chance you can give us an ETA on when that’s coming?

Thanks Brian – no ETA yet, but looks like we’ll be pursuing this.

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