LearnDash is continually improving and we don’t ever plan on stopping. Today we officially launched LearnDash 4.0 and it comes with some exciting new features. 

Here are the details. 

Onboarding Wizard

The new LearnDash Onboarding Wizard makes it quicker than ever before to get started with LearnDash, in under 5 minutes you can have a completely configured ready-to-go LearnDash website. Just add your course content and go!

The onboarding wizard automatically installs plugins like Certificate Builder, WooCommerce, and Course Grid depending on what options you set. 

It’ll also automatically configure groups if you want to use them along with creating the required registration and registration success pages. 

Dynamic Learning Paths/Challenge Exams

Learning paths allow a student to take part in a challenge exam to test their knowledge on a subject, saving them from completing coursework they’re already familiar with. 

By using challenge exams you can let a user skip an entire course and move on to a course that fits their knowledge level, giving them a greater challenge and a chance to learn new content. 

How does it work?

Step 1: Create your challenge exam from the LearnDash sidebar navigation. 

Step 2:  Build your challenge exam in the WordPress block editor.

Step 3: In the challenge exam settings, add your exam to the corresponding course. Users will automatically pass if they get 100% of the questions correct. 

See, it’s as simple as that! 

As of now, features such as allowing the user to skip certain lessons or assign a pass rate that’s lower than 100% are not available, but keep an eye on future releases as we have some exciting improvements planned!

LearnDash Gutenberg Widgets

More block widgets are available in the Gutenberg Editor for LearnDash 4.0. The new blocks allow you to customize the LearnDash login page, profile page, course list, and more!

Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect is the latest and easier way to get started with selling your online courses. Previously, using Stripe with LearnDash required you to install an add-on and then configure everything.

Now, in just a few clicks, you can connect to Stripe, create a new account (or login to an existing one), and start selling.

Stripe Connect is built into LearnDash’s core there are no extra add-ons to install.

Already using our Stripe add-on for LearnDash? Don’t worry! It’ll continue to work and there’s no reason to switch over to Stripe Connect unless you really want to.

Ready to get started with LearnDash 4.0?

If you’re a customer, pull down 4.0 and take it for a ride. If you’re new here, get a license and we promise you, you’ll love what we’ve done with 4.0. Join our upcoming LearnDash 4.0 live training webinars to learn more about the new features.

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