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thumbs-upMany occupations require continuing education so as to help people keep abreast of updates, and the latest information in their fields.

Continuing education units have been established to verify that a person has completed the required program to get their professional certificates, which in turn allow them to continue practicing. CEUs provide a good way of measuring a person’s participation in a continuing education program. This information is then reported to their employers.

Professionals can use CEUs to improve their skills and to stay current with new technology, laws, and regulations that might apply to their field. Even if your particular line of work doesn’t require you to attend a continuing education course, doing so voluntarily is a good way to demonstrate your commitment – and to improve at your job.

Standards have been set for CEUs to make sure that all the necessary standards are met. Depending on the particular profession, a required number of CEUs will be needed to get a certificate or a license. In some professions, you cannot continue to practice without proof that you have completed the required training. For example, within the healthcare industry.

Standards for CEUs

The IACET, or International Association of Continuing Education and Training, has established the criteria for CEUs to make standard procedures for issuing these credits.

Any business, organization or academic institution must be willing to meet these standards in order to give out verified CEUs. Most CEUs are not eligible for college credit, but are instead only used to measure non-credit courses that apply to a particular industry or profession.

How CEUs Are Awarded

In a continuing ed program, one CEU is equivalent to 10 contact hours. Contact hours means that you have participated in an approved continuing education program. Various professions require different numbers of hours to complete your certification. Nurses, lawyers, educators, real estate agents, insurance agents, CPAs and engineers are just a few of the professions that require participation in continuing education programs.

Many manufacturing jobs also have certification standards because of constantly changing technology. While some may require in person attendance for their certificate programs, some fields allow for online learning. Depending on your career choice, the benefits of CEUs can help make sure you remain qualified in your field.

If you are curious if your profession has online CEUs, a simple Google search will yield your possible options. ELearning is a fantastic way to earn additional CEUs as it can be done from the convenience of your home, and on your preferred schedule.

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can i get ceu through online? even im not employed

Avatar gina

Yes, you don’t have to be employed to take a course offering CEUs.

Can I apply for jobs with CEU certificates”

Avatar Dhinaz

My husband has been working in the medical field for many years and in order to keep his skills current in the field, he is thinking about taking some continuing education courses. You make a great point that these classes will help my husband to stay up-to-date on new technology advances. Plus, this will give him a chance to learn about any laws and regulations that are changing in the health care field and he can have peace of mind that he understands all of these changes.

I have used learndash for as wplms on https://www.learncbse.in , but need VPS or Dedicated hosting after 1000 users. Really want to see scalable learndash

LearnDash scales well. You need ample hosting in place for a lot of users as you point out. There are LearnDash programs powering sites with 100,000+ learners.

I’m trying to use learndash on https://upscbuddy.com but facing some issue regarding implemnting it, can you please help me out

Avatar Sanjana

Yes, open a ticket and someone on our team can assist.

thanks for the great information

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