December 1st, 2013 E-Learning

The end of 2013 is in sight, and what a year it has been for elearning. There have been some great new entrants into the elearning space, useful tools, and all-around positive growth.

From my perspective, the most significant happening in 2013 was the official release of tin can (experience) API. It was a long time coming, but now that version 1.0 is available, we will start to see it used more significantly. Sure, there it will take some time to faze out the old SCORM model, but it will eventually happen.

With all these great advancements in 2013 – what does 2014 have in store?

Well, this infographic, created by, describes 10 elearning statistics to consider as we enter the new year. If anything, these stats provide evidence of how quickly elearning is growing, and how it is being adapted to a variety of industries.

The increased adoption of elearning can be attributed to many factors. I happen to believe that the popularity of MOOC programs (such as Coursera) are highlighting the possibilities in the elearning space from a different perspective. These programs have also caught the attention of investors who are now more willing to provide seed funding to elearning based organizations.

Since Coursera continues to receive funding, I am sure we will see it gain more influence in the coming year. In the same way edX is poised to grow given Google’s recent involvement. From the MOOC landscape, elearning is alive and well.

But it is not just for education, it is apparent that companies are leveraging the benefits (as indicated by the infographic below). Fortune 500 companies already leverage elearning to improve their bottom line by investing in their greatest asset – the employees.

This year has been great for elearning, I imagine 2014 to be just as productive.

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Brilliant infographic & some very persuasive stats, will be able to use on key stakeholders. Cheers Justin.

Hi Justin,

Thank you very much for the mention. I will very much appreciate if you add a link to the Top 10 e-Learning Statistics for 2014 You Need To Know ( that briefly explains the Top 10 eLearning Statistics for 2014 Infographic.

Also, feel free to embed the Top 10 eLearning Statistics for 2014 Infographic at your site or blog by using the code here

Have a wonderful day,
Christopher Pappas

Impressive infographic & stats! The future of eLearning is bright!

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