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In recent years games have started to play a bigger role in not only learning but also elearning. There has been quite a bit written on the topic of games, gamification, and gaming elements in training & education.

Gaming is proving to be a successful way to help learners grasp new concepts, but how do you actually create games with an intent to learning?

Sure, gamification techniques are rather simple to implement. There are learning management systems out there that make it possible to add points, leaderboards, badges, and certificates with just a few clicks.

But what about games?

What about games for elearning when you don’t have a budget to hire a developer to create a custom game?

Enter Gamefroot


Gamefroot is a free online platform that makes it easy for anyone to create their own games, and many people use their platform to create educational games.

Seriously, in five minutes you could be creating your game that has learning-based objectives.

I actually was introduced to Gamefroot over two years ago by one if its founders, Dan Milward.

Dan is a talented developer who has been actively involved in WordPress for many years. He was one of the pioneers for making WordPress a viable e-commerce platform.

But Dan also has a passion for games as well as education. He used his talents to create Gamefroot.

The Gamefroot engine is pretty slick and also quite intuitive.

Now you can create online training content and supplement it with an entertaining (but also informative) online game for your learners. If you upgrade to their paid account, you can also make these games available for mobile devices!

Go on and check out Gamefroot for yourself. At the very least you’ll probably enjoy playing some of the free games that other people have made 🙂 .


Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Let's Talk! | Twitter

9 Responses

  1. Hi Justin.,

    Thanks for introducing Gamefroot. I really want to try this tool to create games in elearning. Yes as u mentioned, if we talk about gamification we only focus on gamification elements in LMS like badges, leaderboards etc; and will forget about the games elements with in the elearning.

    So i think this tool will really help in integrating real games in elearning. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the post Justin. We really appreciate it 🙂

    I’ll be in touch again next year as we look to integrate some LMS functionality into Gamefroot!!

  3. Wow, this tool seems really great. I’ve been researching LMS tools for a client and really like what Learndash has to offer. Can you integrate Gamefroot to Learndash by adding a game to course material?

  4. Users have to leave the Learndash site to play, and Gamefroot is only in english. If that’s true then Gamefroot is tötally waste of time for the most e-learners of the world.

    Actually what is needed, is good how-to article about integration of LearnDash and gamification. Otherwise the hype of gamification under LearnDash is just empty words. Or am I missing something now? If so, you guys are very wellcome to point me to right direction 😉

    1. Hi Jakke-

      “Gamification” can mean many things, if you write us with some details around your project and specific gamification elements you’re looking to implement then we can point you into the right direction.

    2. I agree with Jakke, it could be better not to leave the Learndash and insert such games into WordPress. There a lot Javascript/HTML5 games but they usually work independently on WordPress sites. There should be a special plugin or maybe plugins to integrate games into Learndash to achive reward etc. and in order to translate games using WordPress plugins like WPML.

      Anyway Justin, good stuff. 🙂

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