The Trick To Successful ELearning

It seems like everywhere you look today someone is telling you how important learner engagement is, especially for online courses.

This site is no exception. I’ve written about the topic quite extensively. 🙂

The most successful elearning courses are ones that get learners interacting with the content.

But learning engagement can be difficult to define, let alone implement. There are so many ways to get learners interacting with course content but it’s not always clear as to which method is best.

In many cases it will come down to the content of the course. Certain topics may be more conducive than others.

Longer courses (in terms of the amount of content) are also better suited for interaction points.

But there is something that many people don’t mention when it comes to learner engagement: the elearning course itself is only a part of the equation.

In order for an entire program to be successful you have to look beyond just the elearning development component and focus on program implementation.

This includes things like a communication strategy, securing key stakeholder buy-in, and launch plan.

Sure, creating an effective course is a central part to the success. No one would argue otherwise.

But just as important are the steps you take for getting people informed about the courses.

To help with this process, Learning Pool has put together the infographic below.

It’s meant to be a high-level overview of the areas you need to consider when implementing an elearning program (beyond just the course creation process).

For total program success you should have a plan in place for each of these areas.


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