November 13th, 2013 Announcements

LearnDash UpdatesOver the past couple months we have been gathering requests for a variety of features to add to LearnDash – and one area that is very much in our development roadmap is the integrated Advanced Quiz.

Today, we are happy to say that we have started the process of implementing some of these suggested features.

This is one of the bigger updates we have made, so thank you to everyone who has provided feedback!

Improved Advanced Quiz Options

The majority of our updates this round have to do with the quizzing features available to you. Our goal here is to re-baseline the functionality first before we roll-out some additional options. We felt that a phased roll-out would be best so that we could get some of these features into your hands quicker.

You will notice many new options, so I’ll be sure to cover some of the major ones in this post. That said, you should certainly take a look after you update to get an idea of what else has been added!

Survey Question Type

The question types currently available to you in the quiz are arguably the most flexible in WordPress. However, one type was always missing, and that was the ability to display survey questions.

Well, not anymore!

You now have the option to create a survey based assessment at any point within your course. When you add a new question, you’ll notice the new type available among the options.

Each response is assigned a point value, and you can then display a custom message at the end of the quiz based on the accumulated points.

But hey, instead of describing it to you, why not try it out for yourself. Below is a small example.

[WpProQuiz 8]


Question-by-Question Details

If you enable statistics in your Advanced Quiz, now you can view the question-by-question responses for a user! All the admin has to do is log-in and go to the Statistics section. Once there, select a user and view their results.

In the future, we have plans to extend this feature even more – we feel this is a good starting point and will give you more insight into what questions users are getting incorrect.

Assign Question Categories

Do your quizzes have questions that touch on a variety of categories? If so, then you’ll really like this feature. Β You can assign a category to a question, and then report on how well a user did across these categories!


This same quiz summary detail can be emailed to you and the user immediately after the quiz is completed! Which is a good lead-in to the next update…

Additional Email Options

Before this update, the quiz results could be sent via email to the site administrator, or a shared inbox. Should you choose, results can now also be sent directly to the user’s email after completion. You can include data such as:

  • Username
  • Quiz name
  • IP address of user
  • Points earned
  • Result in percentage
  • Category specific results

Question Display Options

By default, questions are shown one-by-one, but with this new feature, you can specify the number of questions to display at a time. Show three questions at once, or perhaps five. Or, just show all the questions at once – the choice is yours!

Custom Fields Before or After a Quiz

Use the custom fields feature to request additional user information before or after they take a quiz. Perfect if you want a user to give their department, or any other demographic. Below are the types of fields available:


You can even make some of the fields required, or choose to make them optional.

And Many More!

Those are a few of the major additions, but again, you should tour the new features after updating as well. You’ll see other items like the ability to use templates for quick quiz creation, hide or show titles and points, automatically start a quiz (remove start button), require each question be answered, and more.

Bonus Update: Improved Lessons Widget

Want users to keep track of their course lesson progress? Well, instead of just including a Course Progress bar, you can also include the Course Lesson Progress widget. This widget will display the lessons of the course, and indicate which ones have been completed.

The widget is dynamic and will display only the lessons associated with the course.

crossed out lessons

We have plans to further extend this functionality, but we figured we could get this into your hands now to use on your WordPress LMS.


Time Flies

We are already into the final couple of months of the year, which is naturally busy for many people, especially if you live in the United States given the upcoming holidays.

Our goal is to continue pushing out updates at a pace unmatched in the industry – in fact, we have a couple on the shortlist that we certainly want to get out before the end of the year.

We appreciate your feedback, and would like to personally thank you for your commitment, patience, and general enthusiasm for LearnDash and our mission.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Hey Justin,

This update looks awesome! I can’t wait to try it out! Ever since I got Learndash, I’ve always been impressed by how you much value your customer’s feedback and really listen to their concerns and thoughts. I am confident that Learndash will only get better!

Best regards,

Avatar Belal Sweileh

Thank you Belal, and thanks for actively participating!

This is absolutely wonderful, I will be building an online driving courses within your system soon, and this was the features missing to get started!

It looks promising! πŸ˜€
Continue your efforts! it is well appreciated!

Avatar Joey Duguay

Many thanks JD, happy that you’ll be able to use this new feature for your project.

Lessons widget is amazing, thanks for that.

Cannot wait to get into these! Thank you!

Wow – what an update! I’ve been eagerly anticipating the addition of survey questions and they are finally here – awesome stuff Justin!

With LearnDash, who needs to Moodle?

Now if only Articulate would lift their game in regards to TinCan 1.0 life would be sweet πŸ˜‰

Avatar GL

Thank you GL – and don’t lose faith in Articulate just yet! πŸ™‚

Hi Justin,
Another great update! The way you do this about every 2 or 3 weeks for the last months, I have no words for it! I haven’t seen anything like this in the wordpress world. We love you for your great work, you make elearning affordable for everyone. That is a great gift!

Avatar Wilco

Thanks LearnDash for such nice news!

I can`t wait to see and use it.

I have been using learnDash and have been amazed by everything!


Avatar Samuel Carlos

I have looked at several learning platforms and they wanted up wards of tens of thousands of dollars per month based on your user base. I am sooooo glad I found LearnDash as you have given me the ultimate flexibility to create an affordable learning environment for my team and made it easy for me to structure and put together what they need in a Learning Management System! Thank you sooooo much! Your hard work and dedication does not go unappreciated!!! Thank you again and again!

Hi Yvonne, thank you for the feedback πŸ™‚ we are happy to have you on board with LearnDash!

Thank you for the great update! Appreciate your outstanding commitment to both product and customer.


Avatar Jacqui Dervan

Your product is amazing! I am saving tens of thousands of dollars and your has features that compete with the BIG boys! Awesome….Any thoughts on integrating with Ontraport? That would be awesome. I have tied them together on my own, just missing some back and forth communication…

You guys rock! Thanks.

Avatar JT

Hi JT-
Thanks for the note and the compliments. No plans at the moment for Ontraport integration, but your interest has been noted.

Thanks again!

Love the feature for course lessons that shows progress. not a huge face of the crossing out of text. Maybe you could add a checkmark?

Avatar Patrick

Thanks Patrick! We have some more plans for this feature – think of this as a stepping stone πŸ˜‰

The others before me have said it all: LearnDash is topnotch. Your commitment to your customers is awesome and inspiring – with LearnDash, I hope to build a similarly affordable and quality product for my students.

Hey Justin,

really you are the best plugin development provider I have seen and I value learnDash and what it give me

keep the good work!

Some nice changes Justin. Good to see. However, more than variety is needed if the quizzes are to be used in a pedagogic sense. We need to have more control over how and when the correct answers are revealed and feedback provided. e.g. answers are revealed only after a certain number of failures have been registered or specific feedback when certain answers are given etc. These changes are really quite important and in a sense more important than greater variety. We need to use the quizzes for teaching not just for testing.

Quizzes are an integral part of the Learndash system and the lack of flexibility is almost a deal-breaker.

Cheers – you are doing a great job


Avatar Andrew Lian

Hi Andrew-

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll continue to work on these items as well. To your point, currently there is the option to provide a correct/incorrect message based on a selected response, and up to 15 different custom responses based on a total accumulated score. Your point is well taken though and we’ll note it as we continue to further progress the offering.

Thanks again!

Justin, this is marvelous!

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the great new features you’ve added to the quiz maker. It takes your LMS to a new level. But I am still waiting improvements for speeding up quiz creation. As I see there’s little here and question addition is still a painfully slow process. Could you do something about this?

Hi Trishan-
Thanks for the comment. The new question template and quiz template feature should help speed things up – feel free to reach out via if you have any questions!

The template is useful but not for speeding up question creation. For this we need predefined options like number of default choices for each question, one click new question addition ( instead of saving then clicking on add new question and waiting for page to reload) like in WP Courseware.

You think a support ticket can help? I am not prepared to shell out hundreds of $$ for a custom job. I’ll just stick with Wondershare Quiz Creator till you address these issues.

Hi Trishan-
Thanks again, we have noted your feedback.

I will echo the posts above – the frequency of significant updates is impressive.

LearnDash is becoming pretty awesome πŸ™‚

Avatar Mike

Very much appreciate the feedback Mike, thank you!

This is great Justin! I have contacted you via support desk regarding this and I’m glad to see that the update includes a lot of the concerns I was having. Thanks very much for the efforts!

You’re very welcome Ty, and thank you for the offering up suggestions!

Hi Justin and team,

Thank you for these valuable updates.
I still wait the feature of Quiz importing from excel file. That would help us a lot.


Avatar Yun

Justin & company, you guys are really amazing. Every time I’m working on a new course set-up and I have a “challenge” you come up with the solution. The new Lesson widget is fabulous and it kept me from having to create a workaround.

I really appreciate how well you listen and respond to your customers. That’s golden.


Hi there,
I have massive problems with the advanced quiz. After the latest update my old advanced quizes do not work anymore, all the questions are gone and I am not able to add new questions etc.
Please help.
Best regards,

Avatar Mittelstaedt

Hi mittelstaedt-

Thanks for the note. Happy to provide assistance, please submit a request via and someone will contact you shortly.

During quiz creation when I click ‘save’ question why do I need to go back to overview to add a new question every time? Can’t you add the option to add a new question on the same page after I save the current question?

how to know user has completed quize or not
i mean is it store in any table because i want to add functionality like the user who had finished quize are allow to show next page

i had try but not understand where actually result is stored ?

Avatar dhanraj


This is really nice plugin. But I get some problems with it. Is it possible, in any way, to save state of quiz when user leaves? So, if user leaves time limited quiz, it would be great if there is option not to reset time, but to continue where it stopped. And of course, to remember answers.

Is there any solution for that?

Thank you

Avatar Greg

I seem to have the opposite problem that Greg above has. My quizzes are automatically saving the state of the quiz. Even if the user logs out and logs back in, navigates to another website, etc. If they close the browser it will reset the time.

My problem is that I need my users to be able to “restart” the quiz at any time, after they have already started the quiz.

I do not see an option to have a “restart quiz” button within the active quiz, which would be the ideal solution. Plus, the users cannot just refresh the page to restart the quiz. My quizzes are typically 90 minutes in length and having to wait that long to restart seems like a waste.

Maybe, I’m just overlooking a setting somewhere.

Thank you for any help you can provide on this.

Avatar Sam

Thanks for the note! Happy to help, make sure to open a support request so we can help you with your questions.

Justin, Quiz Question: We are trying to create “survey-like-questions” as part our #LeanDash online course. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer, rather we are simply encouraging the “student” to record their ideas/answers as they progress through the material. Like filling out an application form. Some questions will have multiple choice and we will encourage them to select items that are important to them – again no right or wrong answers.
We then want all their comments (Answers) compiled into a final report that they can then print once they complete the course. Assistance greatly appreciated.

Hi Kylie-

This can be done (assessment question type). Write our support and we can provide some more details.

Justin, Good work on constantly making this plugin better,

I will like to know the possibility of loading different categories and giving the student the choice of choosing which category to attempt at the beginning of the questions. e.g Mathematics, Physics Chemistry, Biology and the student can choose any two categories at the beginning (possibly through custome fields) so that through the questions he will only see the two categories he chose and will get a result based on that.

If this is not possible through custom field and category, I hope to know any other possible way.


Hi Oriyomi-

Thanks for the comment. The feature request you described is not currently possible in LearnDash and would need custom development.

Hi Justin.

Good day!
The question on my quizzes are not showing up on the page.
Even though I clicked the Start button, nothing happens.
I’m very sure that my quiz has question.
I’ve been stuck up on this for an hour.

Can you please tell me what happen to this?
Does LearnDash has a conflict with other plugins?

Thank you.

Thanks for the note. Happy to help, make sure to submit your support request at one of the places below so that it can be added to the queue:


Hi LearnDash team, we are looking to use learndash but not sure whether the feature we are looking for, is provided by learndash or not. Here is what we are looking for, we have 50 quiz questions of each different sets (easy, medium and tough) . And we want to make a quiz out of it by selecting 10 random question from each set e.g. 10 random question from easy set of 50 questions, 10 random question from medium set of 50 question and 10 random question from tough set of 50 question. And on top of this we want the 30 randomly selected questions to be displayed to user randomly. So user can get any question from the 30 randomly selected questions. Do you guys provide this feature for quizzes.

You can set a quiz to have a ‘question bank’ to choose from, and then display a certain percentage randomly to the user. Each quiz can only have one ‘bank’ of questions and each time the quiz is run the questions will pull randomly again.

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