Control Your Content.

When you purchase a LearnDash license, you gain access to a rich set of features that provide you with ultimate control and ownership of your course.

Closed-source platforms like Thinkific restrict the features available to the ones they are able to provide. If a course creator has a unique need, or if they want to experiment with an emerging e-learning trend, they have to wait for Thinkific’s team to add it to their update schedule.

And, if the need is niche enough, there may never be enough user demand for Thinkific to develop it.

But the WordPress + LearnDash combo means you won’t be held back by our timetable. If you want to add custom features to your course, or design a website to your specifications, the library of plugins and deep talent pool available to WordPress users gives you near limitless potential to build the learning platform of your dreams.

That’s the power that comes from having control over your content.

Your course could already be online!

We offer a 15 day money-back guarantee and have a world class community to help you get your course online today!

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