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Want to get ProPanel? Upgrade to PLUS or PRO from your account!

ProPanel is a reporting upgrade included with the PLUS and PRO packages. When activated it will give you additional insight into your courses, including completion metrics and the latest learner activity.

Using filters you can view data for a specific course, user, or group. The email feature allows you to quickly send messages to the filtered users. You can even put the reports onto the front-end of your site using ProPanel shortcodes.


You can download the ProPanel plugin from your support.learndash.com account. Simply login to your account, then download ProPanel, and follow the instructions below to install.

How to install ProPanel for LearnDash

To Install ProPanel:

  1. Go to PLUGINS > ADD NEW
  3. Browse for and select the file that you downloaded after purchase. It will be in a .zip format.
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Click Activate Plugin

Remember to add your ProPanel license number under LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > PROPANEL LICENSE

Dashboard & Widget Overview

By default, ProPanel will only be visible to Admins and Group Leaders.

  • Admins will see all data
  • Group Leaders will only see data relating to the groups that they manage
    NOTE: This can be extended to other roles by enabling the “propanel_widgets” capability using a role editing plugin

ProPanel contains four reporting widgets located on the WordPress backend dashboard. These widgets come available when you install and activate ProPanel. You can adjust the position of the widgets by dragging and dropping them to your desired dashboard location.

If you do not want to display a particular widget, use the Screen Options tab (top right of the dashboard) to toggle visibility.

Overview Widget

Displays the number of students, courses, pending assignments, and pending essays (to be approved by admin or group leader). Each item is a clickable link that will let you view the selected section with more details.


Activity Widget

This widget displays real-time activity on your courses. Supported activities include course completion, lesson and topic completion, and quiz completion. Associated data such as timestamp, score, and steps will be displayed when applicable.

You can also export course and quiz reports via the buttons at the top of the widget. These reports will include the filtered data only.

Admins will be able to view all user activity while Group Leaders can only view activity of users who are in their group(s).

The number of items shown per page is dependent on the pagination in the ProPanel Reporting widget (see below for more information).


Reporting Widget

A widget that enables you to filter by course, user, and/or group. You can use any combination of these filters to narrow down your results. Below are some examples.

User Filter → Select a user → Select a progress status
This generates a list of courses in which that specific user is enrolled, along with progress statistics for those courses.

Course Filter → Select a course → Select a progress status
This generates a list of users enrolled in the selected course, along with progress statistics for each user.

Group Filter → Select a group → Select a progress status
This generates a list of users in the selected group, along with progress statistics for each user.

Date Filter → Select a group, course or user → Select progress status → Filter by Date
This further filters the list of users based on the selected group, course, or users. Leaving this empty will disregard the filter.


Additional Options

  • Email lets you communicate with the users selected in the Filters section.
  • Pagination will control the output of both lists in the Reporting widget as well as the Activity widget.
  • Full Page will take you to a full page view of the Reporting widget for a distraction-free and full-width environment.

Chart Widget

Once the ProPanel Reporting Widget is set to filter by group, course, or user, you will notice two charts appear.

On the left is the overall Progress Distribution chart. This will show user or course distribution between “Not started,” “In Progress,” and “Completed” course statuses.

On the right is a breakdown of all users or courses that are “In Progress” in the selected filter (In Progress Breakdown). By default, the in progress will be distributed in 20% increments (20, 40, 60, 80, and 100). These increments along with many other items can be changed using the filters discussed in the Developer section below.


Front-end Shortcodes

You can use ProPanel on the front-end of your website. This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Use the existing front-end template which can be accessed by appending /?ld_propanel to your URL. This is only visible to administrators or group leaders. You can also use the following shortcode on any page: [ld_propanel widget="link"]
  2. Create your own template using the ProPanel shortcodes. They can be used anywhere within the main content of a page or post, an HTML or Text widget, or a page builder. NOTE: This is for Classic Editor only.

When ProPanel is installed, the Shortcode Wizard will display a ProPanel menu item. Once selected, you will have the option to insert a link to the pre-built template or to insert the widget shortcodes.

ProPanel Shortcode Options

Optional Parameters

  • per_page: Can be used to limit the output. If not provided, the default Settings > Reading option will be used.
    Example usage: [ld_propanel widget="activity" per_page="5"]

The next two parameters go together. They are not required. But if one is used, then the other is required:

  • filter_type: If provided, this needs to be ‘user’ or ‘course’. This is the same as the Filter Type dashboard filter.
    Example usage: [ld_propanel widget="activity" filter_type="user"]
  • filter_id: This is the ID of the type being filtered. This is the same as the second selector on the filter widget. If filter_type is passed as ‘user,’ then this is the user ID to filter on. If filter_type is ‘course,’ then this is the Course ID to filter on.
    Example usage: [ld_propanel widget="activity" per_page="5" filter_type="user" filter_id="153"]

The following two elements let the administrator control the HTML output. This is helpful if you want to add custom CSS to the ProPanel widgets.

  • html_id: By default, the ID will be set to ‘learndash-propanel-shortcode-1a2b3c‘ with some unique hash appended to the end. This will change on each page reload. The first part is required. This parameter allows control over the later part of the element.
    Example usage: To append an ID of wrapper to the end of the element → [ld_propanel_activity html_id="wrapper"] The result will look like this:
<div id="learndash-propanel-activity-shortcode-wrapper">
  • html_class: This parameter works similarly to html_id except it will allow the addition of multiple classes to the same HTML wrapper element.
    Example usage: To add classes of class1 and class2 to the wrapper → [ld_propanel_activity html_class="class1 class2"] The result will look like this:
<div id="learndash-propanel-activity-shortcode-1a2b3c" class="learndash-propanel-activity-shortcode learndash-propanel-activity class1 class2">

The existing learndash-propanel-activity-shortcode and learndash-propanel-activity classes are added by ProPanel and cannot be removed.

Extending the Functionality

You have the ability to customize the existing Course and Quiz Reports. For example, you now have full control over the report columns (see this code snippet as an example).

Two filters are available to you:

  1. To customize the filter chart data, use this snippet.
  2. To include admin users in the reporting, use this snippet.

By default, Admins and Group Leaders have access to ProPanel. If you wish to extend this functionality to another user role, then you can do so by granting the ProPanel capability to the desired user role by leveraging a plugin like User Role Editor.

Overriding ProPanel Templates

If you wish to customize or change ProPanel then you will need to override the existing templates. The structure of ProPanel is as follows:

Within the plugin directory you will find a /templates folder. It is in this folder where you will find the files that can be changed or overridden.

To override one of these templates, it should to be copied to either a child or parent theme and placed into a directory /ld-propanel.

For example, if you want to override the Overview widget then the output for this is located in:/templates/ld-propanel-overview.php.

To override, copy that template file to the active theme directory into a folder ld-propanel/ld-propanel-overview.php and then make the needed changes. This will protect your change when upgrading ProPanel (but may not protect you from theme updates).

FAQ & Troubleshooting

I don’t have ProPanel. How can I purchase it?
ProPanel only comes with the Plus or Pro package. You can upgrade your account to either package by selecting the “Upgrades” link on your account.

I installed ProPanel, but I don’t see a menu item. Where is it?
ProPanel does not have a menu item. You will find ProPanel located on your admin dashboard, and you should see four new widgets.

My reporting widgets do not load any data. Why?
Make sure you are running the latest version of LearnDash. Then, go to LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > UPGRADE DATA and upgrade both the Course and Quiz data.

When I attempt to export my data, nothing happens. Why can’t I export my course or quiz data?
Check with your hosting provider to see if object caching is enabled. If it is, request to have this disabled and the reports will generate.

My language has special characters that aren’t displaying properly on the report export, how can I fix this?
Insert the code snippet listed at https://developers.learndash.com/hook/learndash_csv_object/ into your theme’s functions.php file.

Check out this webinar for an in-depth look and walk-through on ProPanel, its features, and how to use it.

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