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How do I hide post meta data (date, author, comments, etc.)?

Post meta data refers to the author’s name, date and/or numbers of comments that you sometimes see below the page title. For example:

Posted in {Category} by {Author Name} – 3 comments

Hiding this information is specific to your theme, so not all solutions listed below will work for everyone.

Check the Customizer

First, we recommend you check the WordPress Customizer. Sometimes a theme will provide a simple checkbox for you to hide this information.

  2. Check all the panels to see if there’s an option to hide post meta data

Each theme is different, so we can’t advise on exactly where to look.

Custom CSS

If you don’t find anything in the Customizer, you can use a little custom CSS. Again, this is heavily dependent on your theme, and won’t work for everyone, but you can try the following.

Hide on ALL LearnDash pages (works for many themes, but not all):

.single-sfwd-courses .entry-meta,
.single-sfwd-lessons .entry-meta,
.single-sfwd-topic .entry-meta,
.single-sfwd-quiz .entry-meta,
.single-sfwd-assignment .entry-meta {
	display: none;

If you’re using the Divi theme, use this instead:

.single-sfwd-courses .post-meta,
.single-sfwd-lessons .post-meta,
.single-sfwd-topic .post-meta,
.single-sfwd-quiz .post-meta,
.single-sfwd-assignment .post-meta {
	display: none;

For all other themes, please contact your theme developer and ask them how to remove the post meta information.

Use a Plugin

If none of those options work, some LearnDash users have had success with this plugin:

WP Author, Date and Meta Remover

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