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How do I find the course ID?

If you’re using a shortcode that requires the course ID, there are a few ways you can find it.

Without a Plugin

There are two ways you can find the course ID without a plugin.

  1. Navigate to LEARNDASH LMS > COURSES
  2. Hover over the course in which you need the ID
  3. Look at the bottom of your browser for a URL
  4. The number after the post= part of the URL is the course ID

How to find LearnDash course ID

You can also click on the course to edit it. Once on the course edit screen, look at the URL. Once again, the number after post= is your course ID.

How to find Course ID in LearnDash

With a Plugin

If you’d rather see the course ID more clearly on the Courses screen, there’s a simple plugin you can use.

  1. Install & activate the Reveal IDs plugin
  2. That’s it! The course ID will magically appear on your Courses listing screen

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