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Data Upgrades

In certain circumstances you may be required to run a data upgrade to convert specific LearnDash data sets.  You will only be required to run a data upgrade if…

  • LearnDash support requests that you run an upgrade, or;
  • you receive an admin message prompt on your WordPress dashboard indicating the specific upgrade that needs to be run.

To run an upgrade, simply click the button and a progress bar will appear to indicate the status of the upgrade. It is important to let the update run uninterrupted until the progress bar reaches 100%. Afterwards, you can perform other actions from your dashboard.

The possible data upgrades are:

  • Upgrade User Course Data & Upgrade User Quiz Data
    These two data upgrades copy user course and quiz progress, usually stored in the wp_usermeta table into the Activity table. This is needed for easier reporting and the LearnDash ProPanel reporting plugin.There generally is no need to run the data upgraded on these as the data is synced automatically as the user completed course steps or takes a quiz.
  • Upgrade Quiz Questions
    This data upgrade will convert the legacy questions into proper WordPress posts. Required to use Quiz Builder.
  • Convert Course Access Lists
    This data upgrade was added in LearnDash 3.1. This data upgrade will reconfigure how the course access list shown on the Course edit screen is used. This is not needed unless you are having repeated issues with users losing course access.

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