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Custom Labels

Custom labels let you customize how you refer to the learning material on your site. By default, LearnDash uses the “course,” “lesson,” “topic” & “quiz” language, but you can change this to anything you’d like.

For example, you might want to call your lessons “modules” instead. And then maybe you want to rename your topics to “lessons.” You could also rename “quizzes” to be “tests” or “exams.” It’s entirely up to you.

When you apply a custom label, all references to that label will change in the WordPress admin area, as well as on the front-end of your site. Both your site administrators and all of your users will see the new label(s).

Custom labels will not affect your URLs. You can change the URLs to match your custom labels in the permalink settings.

The following LearnDash labels are available for customization:

  • Course
  • Courses
  • Lesson
  • Lessons
  • Topic
  • Topics
  • Quiz
  • Quizzes
  • Question
  • Questions
  • Take this Course (button)
  • Mark Complete (button)
  • Click Here to Continue (button)

You can revert all custom labels back to their default values by using the Reset Settings button at the bottom of the screen.

LearnDash custom labels

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