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LearnDash Licensing & Management

If you wish to have this feature without upgrading, you may download the plugin directly from your LearnDash account page.

The LearnDash Licensing and Management plugin is the newest updated feature added by LearnDash which powers the new licensing engine.

The new LearnDash Licensing and Management plugin enables the new licensing system, provides the information about installed and activated LearnDash add-ons, and has a convenient link to all other third-party add-ons that you can install on your site.


Getting the LearnDash Hub

The LearnDash Licensing and Management is the newest system behind LearnDash’s licensing system and add ons information. There are two ways to get the LearnDash Licensing and Management plugin on your WordPress Dashboard:

  1. When you upgrade to the latest version of LearnDash, the LearnDash Licensing and Management add-on is automatically installed and activated.
  2. If you don’t want to upgrade, you can go to you LearnDash account center, go to Add-ons, and download the plugin and install it on your LearnDash Site.

The LearnDash Licensing and Management Plugin Features

The LearnDash Licensing and Management rehouses a lot of the old features of LearnDash and places them into one convenient place where you can manage your license, and add-ons easily.


On the Add-ons page, on the LearnDash tab, you’ll see all your installed and available official LearnDash supported Add-ons.

From here, you can view and manage your add-ons like viewing the version number, activate or deactivate, and deleting the add-ons.

You can also do bulk actions such as bulk installing, activating, deactivating, and deleting the LearnDash add-ons.

  1. Select the add-ons that you want to do bulk actions with.
  2. Select the action from the drop-down.
  3. Click Apply

For the add-ons that are not yet installed on your site, you can also install them from here.

The Third Party tab brings you to a list of third-party plugins that also works with LearnDash that you can also install on your site. Take note however, that these plugins are not officially maintained by LearnDash and you must contact their respective authors if you encounter any issues.

There is also a link to our Documentation page on the top-right corner in case you need to visit and check out our Documentation.


The LearnDash Licensing and Management settings houses the new licensing system, replacing the old licensing verification system that was used previously. It also has an option giving you control on who can view the licensing system among your users.


By default, only the admin user that installed the LearnDash Licensing and Management plugin will be able to see the the license. If you want to change this, and let others view and manage the LearnDash Licensing and Management system:

  1. Navigate to LearnDash LMS > Settings > Advanced > License Visibility
  2. Add a user that you want to grant access to see the licensing details
  3. Click “+Add”

If a user that’s not added tries to access the license page or add-ons page, they will see this message:

Now, these users that you added will be able to view the Licensing and Management and manage your add-ons and license.


Found under LearnDash LMS > Settings > LMS License, from here, you can view, replace, and revoke your license with your LearnDash site.

When you first install LearnDash, this is where you will be inputting and verifying your license details to be able to active your LearnDash site, receive support, and updates for your plugins and add-ons.

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