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LearnDash Core

This section will guide you through all of the features and settings built into LearnDash. You’ll learn how to create courses, assign lessons & topics, build out complex quizzes with a variety of question types, grade assignments and more. We’ll also explain LearnDash’s settings, which provide a way for you to customize LearnDash to meet your specific online course needs.


Here’s where you can adjust the global settings that will apply to your entire LearnDash site. We cover the following topics:

  • General Settings
    LearnDash template, admin settings, per page defaults, REST API
  • Custom Labels
    Use different language for courses, lessons, topics, quizzes & more
  • PayPal Settings
    For those who want to use our built-in PayPal integration to sell courses (optional)
  • Data Upgrades
    For converting specific LearnDash data sets (only when prompted)
  • Permalinks (URLs)
    Set up and customize the URL structure for courses, lessons, topics & quizzes


This section covers everything needed to build & set up a LearnDash course. We cover the following topics:


Lessons are the first piece of content you’ll add to your course. We’ll walk you through the following:


Topics represent optional content that can be added to lessons. This section will cover:


Quizzes are designed to test a user’s comprehension of the learning material. This section covers everything needed to set up & customize a LearnDash quiz.


Essays can include file uploads or written text. They are created as part of a quiz, and can be optionally graded by administrators.


Assignments are files that can be uploaded to a lesson or topic by your users, and optionally graded by administrators. This section includes the following:


Shortcodes can inserted into various places throughout your LearnDash-powered site. They display various information about your users, courses and other LearnDash features.

If you’re using the newest WordPress editor (version 5.0+), all of our shortcodes are also available as Gutenberg blocks.

View all shortcodes & blocks »


LearnDash provides several widgets that can be placed anywhere your theme has designated as a widgetized area, or sidebar. This varies from theme-to-theme, but when applied, these widgets will display additional information about your LearnDash courses & users.

View all widgets »

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