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Gravity Forms Integration

The LearnDash Gravity Forms integration allows you to register new users on your site and instantly provide them access to one (or more) of your courses. It can be used to create a signup form, both for free courses, as well as those that require payment (using one of Gravity Forms payment add-ons).


Before you can use this integration, you will need:

  • LearnDash
  • Gravity Forms plugin (the Elite license)
  • Gravity Forms User Registration add-on enabled

Upload & activate the Gravity Forms plugin

  1. Download the Gravity Forms plugin from your account page on gravityforms.com
  2. In the WordPress admin area, navigate to PLUGINS > ADD NEW
  3. Click the Upload Plugin button
  4. Click the Choose File button
  5. Select the Gravity Forms .zip file you downloaded in step 1
  6. Click Install Now
  7. Click Activate Plugin

Enter your Gravity Forms license key

You can follow along with the setup wizard, but if you’d rather enter your license key manually:

  1. Navigate to FORMS > SETTINGS
  2. Enter your license key (from your account page on gravityforms.com)
  3. Click the Save Settings button at the bottom

enter license key for Gravity Forms

Enable the Gravity Forms User Registration add-on

  1. Navigate to FORMS > ADD-ONS
  2. Scroll down to the User Registration Add-On
  3. Click the Install button
  4. Click the Activate button

Gravity Forms user registration add-on

Install the LearnDash Integration

Option 1: Add-ons Menu (requires an active LearnDash license)

  1. In your WordPress admin area, navigate to LEARNDASH LMS > ADD-ONS
  2. Locate the Gravity Forms for LearnDash add-on
  3. Click Install Now
  4. Click the Activate Plugin button

Gravity Forms for LearnDash plugin

Option 2: Manual Upload

  1. Download the plugin file (must be logged in to download)
  2. In WordPress, navigate to PLUGINS > ADD NEW
  3. Click Upload Plugin
  4. Browse for the .zip file you downloaded in Step 1
  5. Click Install Now
  6. Click Activate Plugin

Create a Form

To use the integration, you’ll need a form to assign courses to. Follow Gravity Forms documentation on creating a form.

Gravity Forms advanced fields

You can include as many form fields as you’d like, but the email field is required for user registration to work. You might also want to include:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Password

* All of these fields can be found under “Advanced Fields.”

Name is not required, but in most cases, you’ll want to ask for it.

Username can be set to the email address, any other form field, or you can allow the user to choose one upon signup.

Password can be automatically generated upon completion of the form, or you may choose to include this field in your form to allow the user to choose one upon signup.

Now that your form is ready, you’ll need to set up a user registration feed.

Configure User Registration

Before assigning LearnDash courses to your new users, you’ll need to create a user registration feed. Since this is a Gravity Forms feature, please follow their instructions on setting up a user registration feed.

Gravity Forms user registration feed page

To get started, from the Edit Form page:

  • Navigate to Settings > User Registration

Gravity Forms settings > user registration menu

You are free to experiment with different settings, as there is no definitive way to set this up. However, for the simplest setup, we recommend the following:

Feed Settings

  • Name: Anything you’d like
  • Action: Create user

User Settings

  • Username: Either use the “Email” form field, or provide a specific “Username” form field
  • First Name: Name (First)
  • Last Name: Name (Last)
  • Nickname: Name (First)
  • Display Name: {first name} {last name}
  • Email Address: Use the “Email” form field
  • Password: Either provide a “Password” form field, or choose “Auto Generate Password”
  • Role: Subscriber
    If you’re using custom roles, LearnDash groups, etc., you might want to assign a different role.

Additional Options

These are beyond the scope of this article. Please reference Gravity Forms documentation for more info.

Assign LearnDash Courses

The final step is to assign a course (or courses) that the user will be enrolled in once they submit the form.

  1. Locate the final group of settings on the User Registration Feed titled LearnDash Settings
  2. Check the box(es) next to the course(s) you want the user to be enrolled in
  3. Save/Update your settings

Gravity Forms registration, LearnDash settings

Congratulations! Now when someone successfully submits the form, a new user account is created for them, and they will be automatically enrolled in the associated course(s).

Require Payment

In addition to allowing free user registration, Gravity Forms also provides a way to charge for your courses during the signup process. To enable this, you will need an account with one of Gravity Form’s payment gateway add-ons. Most of the payment add-ons require the Elite license of Gravity Forms.

When using paid courses the Paid Form feature needs to be enabled by ticking the box in the LearnDash Settings option.

Gravity Forms payment options include:

  • Stripe (docs)
  • PayPal Payments Standard (docs)
  • PayPal Payments Pro (docs)
  • 2Checkout (docs)
  • Authorize.net (docs)

Use the “docs” links above to follow Gravity Form’s documentation on setting up each payment add-on.

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