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LearnDash Updates latestOne promise we make to you as our customer is that we will continue to add to the LearnDash WordPress LMS plugin’s functionality based on your feedback.

Besides, the way we see it, this is your product and we want it to be applicable for your situations. To keep this promise, we gather your suggestions from our forums, help desk, and through phone conversations.

While we cannot implement every suggestion that comes our way, we do make it a point to implement the frequent ones.

Today’s update is no exception.

In addition to doing some clean-up to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, we have implemented a few other features, by popular demand:

Recurring (Subscription) Payments

Since our launch, we have always made it easy for users to add a price to their courses and instantly begin selling them using PayPal. Over time we added a few other integrations, including shopping carts like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, iThemes Exchange, and JigoShop (each option has the added benefit of subscription payments).

Many of you have commented that you wanted something a bit more simple from a subscription payment standpoint, without the need of an entire shopping cart integration.

So, today we are pleased to announce that you can now easily specify if the price of your course is a one-time payment, or a recurring (subscription) based payment when you are creating your courses!

If your course is a one-time payment, the customer is only billed once for the course.

If your course is a recurring payment, then your customer is billed according to what you specify as the billing cycle.

Nothing complicated about this set-up, just three easy steps:

  1. Add a price
  2. Select payment type (“Buy Now” or “Recurring”)
  3. Enter billing cycle information (if price is “Recurring”)

LearnDash will then apply these payment settings to your course!

Categories & Shortcodes

Not too long ago, we added the ability for you to create Tags for your courses so you could better organize them.  Now, in addition to tags, you can add categories to your courses so you can further organize (and display) courses to users.

Similar to the Tags feature, we added a shortcode (see Options for Courses menu) for this feature so you can display only courses of a certain category, giving you even more flexibility with how you display your course lists.

The Future Looks (Very) Good

Again, thank you to everyone who has made suggestions on how we can continually improve LearnDash.  We are extremely grateful for your participation in our development.

Speaking of which…

We have in the works a handful of very exciting updates coming your way – you will certainly want to keep an eye out for them!

Until next time!

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Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter


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Love the language updates and this recent one as well! One request that I would love to see is to have a fancy Dashboard display shortcode or something similar just like we see on That site allows people to learn languages at their own pace using a killer learning interface…shucks it may even be LearnDash 🙂 When you login to it immediately takes you to the dashboard display that shows a flow chart map of your progress. After ya check it out, is that something that can be implemented in the future? Thanks!

Hi Trent-
Thanks for the comments and suggestion; duly noted and appreciated!

I came this way because I want to learn before I start using the plugin.
I have a plan to use my website as an e-learning platform for my students.

Can I use LearnDash on the business plan?

Great work Justin.
Do you know when the import functionality will be complete?
We are really in need of this.

Avatar Pedri

Hi Pedri-
Thanks for the note! If you are in need of a feature, feel free to submit a custom development inquiry and we can continue the discussion from there.

Hello Justin,

Another great upgrade, thanks!

Sorry if this is already addressed, in which case I’d love to know how:
What about a “all-you-can-eat” subscription model? Where for a fixed fee, users can access every courses in a given learning site. Optionnally, with different course sets corresponding to different fee levels, but always with the idea a user is billed on a time basis (e.g. every month or year) for as much content as they can use.
Is this possible natively? Or with Jigo cart? Or maybe, in a future release?

Thanks again,

Hi Stephane-
Thanks for the note! Sure, this can be done a few ways, just submit a message on the support site and we can discuss what’s possible.

I read somewhere that this is coming in default plugin. Is there an eta on this?

Avatar Pedri

Hi Pedri, I’m not sure what feature you are referring to. That said, in general we don’t give ETAs because things can change based on testing and what not. If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out in the forums at

This is wonderful! You guys are amazing. I was waiting for the subscription feature.

Some questions. Can the reoccurring billing cycle be discontinued automatically. say I want students to pay 3 months and not more than that. Do I have to stop this manually? Most students prefer to pay for my classes in installments. I will be using the subscription function for this but there need to be specified number of billing cycles.

Do the paypal option allow for VAT?


Avatar Sabina

Hi Sabina-
Thank you for the note and comments! At present, recurring billing will continue until the user cancels. Now that we have the feature in place, we’ll naturally be building it out based on feedback. You will need to contact PayPal regarding VAT for your account.

If you have any other questions specific to your situation, please do reach out to us on the support site.

Hi Justin,
For my site, the “recurring billing” until “the user cancels” is a feature I am in need of. However, I also need to be able to automatically cancel enrollments for non payment on a subscription course. Is this possible with the core Learndash features or with any of the integrations?

Many Thanks

As this feature been implemented since 15 months ?
I love this feature in PMPro, but for some reason, I want to get rid of PMPro and use LearnDash alone (or maybe with WooCommerce if really needed).

The possibility to use a subscription feature to propose an installments payment method sounds really interesting.

Best regards

How do you specify how long a subscription continues? Do you have to cancel the subscription manually?

Avatar Janine

Hi Janine-
At present it is continuous. We’ll continue to build it out though based on your feedback. If you want to make suggestions, please submit them in the support forum.

Great update, thank you!. One feature request would be for some kind of ‘coupon’ code setting that would allow learners to place a coupon code that would allow them access for free to a course after they register at the site. That way if a course is sold to a larger entity, the people who are accessing the content does not need to pay. I am sure this can be done with membership plug-ins, but I was wondering if that kind of functionality would be something coming along in LeanDash or LearDash Plus sometime in the future?

Thanks for the note and suggestion Steve. Until then, the JigoShop integration allows for coupon codes, as do membership plugins (as you mention).

Hi to all , I have LD and its awesome trust me 🙂 WELL worth the investment!

Just to ask the LD team though

Can LD take recurring payments through paypal and then unlock certain modules of a course and then stop unlocking or cancel their subscription automatically if the payment is not taken (client cancels?)

I have a few courses at 15 modules per course and want to take recurring paypal payments and then ideally autorespond the passwords or just auto unlock if possible? Can LD do this on autopilot

Thank you

Hi Paul-
Thanks for the note and kind words. Auto-cancelling is not yet available but on our radar and will eventually be pushed out (ETA unknown).

I have used the buy now plugin how we can add the recurring billing functionality in buy now plugin….

Hi Asha-
Happy to help, make sure you submit a ticket on the support site at


I have a pre-sale question.

Is available iDEAL (Dutch payment method) for this plugin.
And if so is there a guide or can be guided through the process?


Avatar Mustafa

Hi Mustafa-
If you want to sell with WooCommerce or JigoShop, you can buy their extension for this payment gateway and sell LearnDash courses.

Love the recurring payment addition – would I use this if I want to give access to my course for a 6-month period of time before their access expires? Also, does this recurring payment happen automatically, or is it manual? Will it remind students their access will expire soon? Do students have the option of opting out if they have finished the course and no longer want a subscription?



Hi April-

Thanks for the note. Reminders aren’t yet part of the recurring feature, but we do have it on the radar. Users can cancel their recurring subscription from PayPal when they are finished with the course.

Can a course with payment options (one-time or subscriptions) still be available to another group of users under different arrangements, say direct payment under a group discount scheme, complimentary, etc. Thanks.

Avatar Celito Macachor

Hi Celito-

Thanks for the comment. Groups can be enrolled separately into courses, and all users in that group will be granted view-access to the material. If you have more specific questions, please feel free to send us a note.

Can we accept payments in INR?

Avatar Gurvinder

Hi Gurvinder-
Yes you can.

I consider important to be included in the courses, fees option for organizations that distribute online courses, which is very topical today. Remember that in these platforms, some of the money is for the author and one for the platform. Also the option of working with affiliate systems, is necessary. The idea is that members of the community, could promote courses including other members and make money doing it..

Considero importante, que se incluya en los cursos, la opción de comisiones para las organizaciones que distribuyen cursos online, que hoy está muy de actualidad. Recuerden que en este tipo de plataformas, una parte del dinero queda para el autor y otra para la plataforma. Igualmente la opción de trabajar con sistemas de afiliación, se hace necesario. La idea es que los miembros de la misma comunidad, pudieran promover entre ellos los cursos de otros miembros y ganar dinero con ello.

i set price and while a user open the course that time it show buy this course, while click there that time it goes to paypal payment and after finishing payment user cant see the course, can i know how a user can access the course which he/she bought ?

Happy to help – make sure to open a support ticket.

Hi there, I have a couple of questions:
1) Are three tiers currently available? I need program – course – lesson, and I want my users to be able to buy “program” without paying for each course individually. Is that possible?
2) What membership user base are you using? Is it wp standard users or is it members/learners internal to the plugin? I use other plugins that work with the wp users (e.g. Mail Poet etc.) – would they work with learn dash learners?

Avatar Nata

Hi Nata-

Three tiers include course-lesson-topic (you can rename them). You can lump everything together so that purchasing the program gives access to all courses. LD protects content organically (view access). If you need more robust membership features, then we integrate with PaidMembershipsPro.

I cannot find LearnDash in the WordPress plugins through a simple search. I have tried LearnDash and Learn Dash (with and without capitals) however it simply does not appear.

Any ideas as to why?



Avatar Todd

Hi Todd-
Thanks for the comment. LearnDash is a premium (paid) plugin and isn’t available in the WordPress plugin repository. After purchase you can immediately download it so as to install on your site.

Hello, Please help me to solve this problem,
While my client upload his/her assignment it automatically uploaded wit while choosing file, i cant click upload and submit button and he/she can not cancel it. After that the file name is automatically added dowloads and comments which made me a lot of trouble.

Avatar Ebony

Happy to help Ebony. Please open a support ticket and someone will respond accordingly.

Hello when i like to integrate my courses as product by woocommerce , the issue that auto enrollment after payment didn’t exist wtih that methode of payment ,

Avatar Med Ali Ben Jomaa

Please open a support request and someone will happily assist.

How can we have both one time payment and recurring payment for the same course ?

Only if you use a shopping cart like WooCommerce.

I have a course in Learndash.

I want both options recurring and one time fee. I am using Woocommerce. I do not have the woocommerce subscription plugin. Is this required and if not please elaborate on how i can do this with learndash?

Yes that plugin is required for selling subscriptions with WooCommerce.

Justin – can I use this recurring payment option through LearnDash and still separately use WooCommerce for the other one-time payment courses? Basically, can I get by without having to purchase the woocommerce subscription plugin?

Avatar Andrew

Is there a way to offer a course for a fixed price and also have an option for something like a 3 monthly payments? If so, how can that be done?

Yes if you sell with a shopping cart, like WooCommerce

I am looking for both options for one course – one time payment and recurring – I am getting crazy on it…. is it not possible? I need this feature

best regards


It would be ideal to set the course as a monthly subscription but still allowing the user to pay in full. Any way to set this up?

Avatar Bob Kodi

This is amazing! I’m very excited to use this simple functionality. I’m curious though if there are any plans to add a bit more functionality to this. Do you think it would be possible to have a preliminary course price and then a different renewal price?

For example, if someone pays $100 for access to a course but the renewal is only $50/yr after the first year.

I am also interested if this could be possible. Initial signup cost, and then a different monthly/annual renewal price.

Avatar Dan

I’m very struggling to do Paypal integration, such as after purchase, user is not automatically registered and enrolled. I’ve tried so many guideline that exist, as well from internet, but no luck. I’m using PayPal sandbox for testing.

Avatar Ananda Priyahita

+1 with all those people who want to have BOTH one-off payments and recurring.

We need this feature guys!

Avatar lucio


How cn i issue to customers an invoice for every payment they make, even if it is subscription based, as with this LD plugin?

Thank you!

Avatar florin

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