January 1st, 2013 E-Learning

Well it is now official, 2013 is here (so much for all of those Mayan predictions) and there are certainly big things on the e-learning horizon. Before speculating about the next big thing, let’s take a moment to review the current state of the e-learning industry… and what better way to get a quick 5-minute overview than through an infographic.

As you would suspect, demand for e-learning across various industries is on the rise, especially within education. It is estimated that the e-learning industry will be around $49 billion (with a “B”) by 2014. This makes sense given the new emerging technology and general service offerings popping up. MOOCs are becoming all the rage these days, and will undoubtedly lead to new possibilities for both universities and instructional designers.

Learning management systems are evolving as well as people begin to demand viable alternatives to Moodle, and other traditional LMS software. New rapid e-learning development tools are hitting the scene as well, as evident by the advances made by Articluate and Adobe Captivate with their main product offerings – but also with the many newcomers.

One thing is for sure, the state of this industry is extremely strong, and it will only get stronger. Innovation is at an all time high, but that does come with some down sides. For every major advancement in e-learning tools, LMS platforms, instructional design techniques/services, there are 10x as many flops to sift through. But eventually this all will work itself out as the market will dictate what is relevant.

So here is to an exciting and successful 2013. Onward and upward for the industry! 🙂


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The content under Search Engines is the same as Streaming Audio. Love the graphic though!

Avatar Cassandra

So when do you actually plan on launching your LMS ?

Avatar mits

Hi Mits,
Thank you for your comment. We haven’t determined an exact release date yet, specifically because we want to ensure our testing is thorough and we don’t rush anything to market. That said, I can say that we do plan on releasing in early 2013. If you need a solution sooner rather than later, let me know the functionality you need in an LMS by contacting me via the “Contact” page and I can recommend some alternatives.

Good information. Great presentation.
Thank you, Justin.

Thanks Harish, hope to see you stop by again!

Nice infographic showing the very growing trend of online learning. I disagree with the “cons” of classroom learning, however. I think that actually those are more of the cons of e-learning than classroom learning. Much depends on the classroom and particularly the instructor, but I believe any good instructor is going to encourage student participation, make adjustments for all learning styles, and create an atmosphere to support critical thinking and higher learning. If they don’t, they are not a very good instructor to begin with. Whereas, I think that online learning does not have the ability to encourage as much participation of all students. It is too easy to just be a passive “listener”. Of course, that has been my experience in the learning that I have participated and observed.

Avatar Edie

@Edie – Edie, I would have to disagree with your blanket statement that it is “too easy to be a passive ‘listener'” in an online course. As you suggest with a traditional classroom-based environment. much depends on the instructor. I completed my advanced degree online, and student participation was mandatory in all my classes, and was much higher than I experienced in my in-person undergraduate coursework. I work in higher ed, and have seen many a classroom-based class in which students did not participate. This was often because the instructor lectured the entire time, there were 50+ students in the course, or more extroverted or aggressive students dominated the conversation. In all those cases, it was entirely easy if not required to be a passive listener.

Avatar Jim

I just wanted to write a post in regards to what I am looking for in LearnDash. I am looking for a Learning Management System that will also be a Content Management System that is “user-friendly” as well as reasonably priced. I am also looking good customer support. Good support seems to be a thing of the past these days.

Another quality that I am looking for is a “state of the art” leading edge system that is geared for today’s learner. Basically, a “one-stop” solution!!

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