The summer is almost here and that often marks the end of another school year. Teachers everywhere get a well-deserved break from educating today’s youth (a rather thankless job if you ask me).

In just a couple months though it will be time to start a new year. New classes, new students, and new ideas.

If you haven’t already, why not experiment with your own classroom-based learning management system. You have many option. You could go for a hosted solution for getting started quickly. However, know that this will usually mean higher monthly payments with limited feature scope.

The alternative is that you self-host your courses. This will save you the monthly fees associated with the other platforms (though you will need to pay somewhere between $5 to $10 per month for hosting).

Another benefit is that you can really tailor your classroom LMS with the features & functionality you want – especially if you are using WordPress & LearnDash.

But the summer is your time to recharge and setting up a WordPress based learning management system can take some time.

Well, if you choose LearnDash then you can get a head-start by cloning our demo site. You can choose to just swap out the content for your own, or use it as a template to reference as you customize your courses for your needs.

A successful classroom LMS is more than the technology though, it’s about smart implementation of that technology. Consider reading the following articles. These will help you get started:

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