November 19th, 2015 Business

comp-deskWhen it comes to creating and selling courses the most important (and often difficult) part is marketing it.

I am an advocate for starting early. When you’re creating your course, you should also be marketing it.

Give people a place to sign-up to be notified when it is complete so that you have an audience from “day 1”.

But let’s say that you did this already and have a nice list to market to upon your launch.

Maybe you even had a successful launch where you generated some sales and initial momentum for the course.

The next logical question: now what?

All of the marketing and advertising options out there can seem overwhelming.

  • Should you look into Google Adwords?
  • What about Facebook Ads?
  • LinkedIn advertising?
  • Sponsoring events or newsletters?

The answer to all of these questions is “yes”.

You absolutely should look into each avenue to see if it is is a good fit for your course.

Don’t let anyone fool you: there is a learning curve to each of these methods. You could hire someone to help but that of course comes with an added expense.

The good news is that not all of your marketing efforts need to be so complicated. There are many simple ways to spread the word. The easiest (and often most productive) advertising you can do is via your digital signature.

Specifically, your digital signature in emails, forums, and other social networks.

The Power of The Signature

There is nothing new about email signatures.

Nearly every email program out there lets you set up an automated email signature that includes your name and contact information.

Think about the number of emails that you send in a given week. Perhaps some of these emails get forwarded to other parties. This is the perfect place to advertise your course.

Don’t just put a link to your website – get creative to entice the “click” just as you would if you were creating a Facebook ad. Read up on copywriting best-practices for headlines.

If you are part of online forums related to your course industry (you should be!) then include the same signature for all of your forum posts.

To measure the impact of your signature you can use bitly. This will give you data related to the link you include in your signature and essentially will indicate the effectiveness of your headline.

You can even use this data to refine a winning headline for when you start your paid online advertisements on all of the social networks!

Creating a headline and setting up your signature across your digital profiles won’t take you very long and it doesn’t cost a thing. All it takes is one sale to make it worthwhile, but there is a good chance you will see more than just one.

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