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quiz-picQuizzing is an integral part of any learning program. We use quizzes to verify that someone understands the key takeaways of the course content, and can apply those principles accordingly.

Many continuing education programs require that a quiz is successfully passed (in addition to other criteria) before the user receives credit for the course. In a schooling environment, passing quizzes is how students progress to the next grade.

It is no wonder that quizzing is also used quite heavily in elearning.

Creating an effective quiz takes considerable effort. Still, you can increase the effectiveness of the quiz by following some implementing some simple techniques.

Simple Quizzing Strategies

  • Break-up course content with one to three quiz questions (not graded) after each section. This helps to drive-home the section objectives.
  • Aim for only 20-30% of your questions being “true or false”. True or false questions are often least effective.
  • Multiple choice questions should have four potential options, rarely three.
  • Avoid using “none of the above” as an option for multiple choice. Questions that use this as the actual answer don’t measure learning but run the risk of falling into the “trick question” category, which really isn’t the point of education.
  • Add a time-limit to your final quizzes. This deters people from searching online resources for potential answers.
  • Award points, badges, and certificates for additional motivation.
  • Allow the learner the opportunity to retake the quiz (when applicable).
  • Always use a question bank. This comes in handy in preventing cheating, and also is useful if you plan to allow multiple quiz attempts.

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…and, ideally, for your final quiz, have a question bank relating to each of the learning objectives which the course seeks to achieve. Then present an appropriate number of questions from each bank to ensure that the quiz each learner receives better covers the whole course.

If you have a bank of questions for the progress quiz in each lesson of the course then you can use these banks of questions again for the final quiz (maybe with an additional bank of questions based on a collective understanding of all the course objectives).


Avatar Colin

“Always use a question bank”

I am having difficulty finding any advice about using a question bank in Learndash. Whilst I can see that there is a central repository of all questions, I would like to be able to arrange the question bank into categories and set up an individual quiz to take questions from a category at random. Is there a way to do this?

Also, I can’t find any guidance in the support forum about what happens when you update a question in the question bank? Will all quizzes using that question be updated automatically? What will happen to the grading.

Further advice about the question bank feature would be very much appreciated!


Avatar Kirsty

Categories can be assigned to questions and a overall category score is displayed at the end. This is demonstrated here. When you update a question in the question pool of one quiz, it will not change that question on the other.

I would like to be able to arrange the question bank into categories and set up an individual quiz to take questions from a category at random. Is there a way to do this?

Avatar Norman

Yes. You can assign categories to questions and those questions are drawn upon randomly in LearnDash

Hi Justin,
I have been unable setup a ‘Question Bank’ that enable creation of a dynamic quiz by specifying question categories where questions are pulled randomly from the question bank.
All I have been able do is randomise all questions or get a random subset of the questions that have been manually selected when creating the quiz.
Am I missing something to be able to create ‘Dynamic Quizzes’

Avatar Arnold

I would like to be able to not show the correct answers if the student doesn’t pass the test (because they will need to retake it), but show the incorrect answers to those who do pass. Is that possible?

Avatar Suzanne M

In one category if I have 100 questions, I want my quiz to randomly pic 20 of the 100, is that possible in Learndash?

Avatar Mohit Gupta

This is not possible in LearnDash yet.

It would be great if you could prioritise this as for a ‘final exam’ type scenario itis useful to have a larger question bank (say 300 questions) with random question selection (say 150).
In my current quiz module in drupal it is a useful facility

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