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stacking-coins“What should the price of my course be?”

This is probably the single most asked question for anyone selling an online course, and with good reason. Pricing is difficult. You have to find the right balance between communicating the value of the course content and what the market is willing to pay.

In many cases, your price-point will be determined by trial and error. But this goes beyond just the price you choose, it also relates to your pricing model.

A combination of your price-point and pricing model will ultimately be what drives your revenue, and every entrepreneur wants to maximize their revenue.

When you complete your course and are about to sell it, consider this strategy: create different levels of the same course.

For example, perhaps you create a “basic” tier for your course that contains most of the content, but then add a “premium” level that includes some extras.

What are enticing extras? Things like networking opportunities (forums/webinars/chats) and download (templates/documents/scripts) are an easy way to add more value to the different tiers of your course.

I have seen this strategy used to great effect. Online course entrepreneurs are taking the same pricing tactic that many software companies have been using for years. The more you pay, the more you get.

Nathan Barry does this for his App Design Handbook. Notice how just the written content is $39, but you can get it with videos for $99. He goes one step further and offers a complete package (that includes templates, interviews, and other resources) for $249.

Same core course is sold in all three.

It’s a simple strategy that has proven to be successful across a variety of industries. It will undoubtedly work for your online course too.

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Oh, it’s a bit frustrating how you give this advice and then don’t provide any info about how to do it! I’d love to create tiers – got a link to that article?

Avatar Lucy

How can you create multiple prices for one course in Learndash. Can you create different products with Woocommerce? I’d like to diversify so that client 1 doesn’t see the cheaper version client 2 see/buys. An vice versa. Got the idea? Now I do everything manually, but I’d like to automate everything.

Hi is it possible to do dynamic pricing for Learndash to change the price of the course depending on the country of the participant? What plugin do I need? I tried Price base on country for Wocommerece but it does not work for my Learndash course

You’d need to use Woo for this.

Wish there were details about how this is done.
Could you offer a personal user price and a corporate user price for the same course?

Avatar Michael

Unfortunately I have the same question that has been asked before… Could you give a short tutorial of how to do this??

You give a price in LearnDash for your course, and as well in WooCommerce. But does the WooCommerce price overrules the LearnDash price?

My example: I have 1 online training, which you can buy for €100, if you want every lesson 1-on-1 online coaching with it you pay €350. So it uses the same course, but I deliver an extra outside LearnDash or Woo. Can I just set up 2 products in Woo, with a link to the same online training and have one for €100 and the other for €300??

Many thanks in advance for your reply!

I tried my example from the post above and it worked!

So: I have one online training made with LearnDash, but I have 2 Woocommerce products selling it. Each for another price, due to the fact you get more support/coaching options the higher the price is.

If I put a paid course on my website using Learndash, then that course fee is consider for lifetime or is there a duration of course, like after 1 week if we try to access the same course again will have to pay for it?

Avatar Mandar Sapre

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