July 9th, 2015 Business

calculatorAfter months of hard work developing your course you are now ready to start making sales.

Hopefully during the development time you were also building an email list as this will help to make your launch more successful.

But building an email list isn’t the only thing you can do to help drive sales.

Chances are you know the industry of your course pretty well. You know what other courses are out there as it relates to your course subject. Not necessarily competitors, but other course offerings that in some way relate to yours.

If you are not quite aware, then it’s time to start doing a little market research! 🙂

If you are looking for additional ways to sell more courses, then this little strategy may be perfect for you.

The Bundle Concept

Have you ever noticed that when you shop on Amazon you are presented with additional products relating to the one in your shopping cart? The reason that Amazon does this is because it’s extremely effective and helps to increase revenue.

This same principle can be applied to your own course offering, even if you only have one.

First, make a list of other courses that are similar to yours but that are not competing.

From this list, try to identify which courses are created by businesses similar to yours. If you are the sole person behind your course, make note of others who are doing the same in your industry (it’s easier to make connections in this way).

Contact these individuals via email or phone (if possible) to introduce yourself and your project. It’s a good idea to have at least your website complete at this point so that you do not come across as unprofessional.

Let’s Make a Deal

The point of contacting these individuals is to propose a deal that favors them.

The reason your deal should favor them is because you want to make it hard to say “no”. The more you stack the deal in favor of the individuals you contact, the greater your chances of securing the partnership.

The idea is simple: Allow them to promote your course as an optional “add-on” to their course(s), and at a deeply discounted price.

For example, if your course is normally $100, you may consider letting this partner advertise a 50% discount.

If the customer does purchase your add-on course in their bundle, then give a healthy commission to your partner. If you are just starting out, you may consider giving them 40%.

That results in a nice commission for them, and on top of it you get a qualified customer.

Taking this one step further, you may consider offering a 75% discount on your course and giving 100% of the profits to your partner.

This may sound crazy, but here’s why: you now have a proven buyer that is interested in courses from your industry. Your email list will grow quickly and you can promote to these customers later down the line. This is extremely valuable!

Depending on where you are in your course selling life-cycle the commission and discount values may vary. The point is that you’re trying to gain additional visibility by leveraging established partners who are currently successful at attracting customers. If you are just starting out, then this is a perfect way to gain momentum for your course selling journey!

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