September 8th, 2016 E-Learning

laptop-computerThe biggest part of creating an online courses (besides creating it) is to actively market it. In fact, I am a big proponent of marketing the course prior to it even being created.

Online marketing can be overwhelming. It seems that nearly everyone says you have to produce content of some sort. Be it in a blog, writing on other sites, videos, or a podcast.

The reason you see this advice so much is because it works. But it only works when done well and on a consistent basis. Marketing your online courses isn’t a “one and done” deal. It goes on for the life of your business. So, if you commit to a podcast then you better be ready to produce the podcast for a very long time.

While creating content is the easiest way to get started, it isn’t the only way. You can also venture into paid advertising. Over the years the gold standard for this was Google Adwords. However, Facebook has now emerged as the “go-to” advertising platform.

Problem is, Facebook advertising can be intimidating. No one wants to lose money and you stand a very good chance of doing so if you are not sure how to use the platform effectively. Which I suppose is a good time to point out that you will have to spend money with Facebook ads, and probably a little more than you want to initially since there will be a learning curve. Gaining business experience is never completely free.

Wondering where to learn about Facebook advertising? If you spend too long in the search engines then you will come across many self-proclaimed experts selling you their course on “hacking” Facebook ads for maximum profits. You could purchase one of those programs, but you don’t need to.

If you don’t know anything about Facebook advertising then why not just go to Facebook and learn from them? They have a vested interest in teaching people how to use their ad program. Here is a free course that they offer.

After taking their course you will have the basic knowledge needed to start a test campaign. Set one up and start getting leads (even if your course isn’t created yet). By jumping in with Facebook ads you will be learning a skill that will directly impact your business.

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