February 24th, 2016 LearnDash Tips

Group License Add-on

Today we are pleased to let you know about a new third-party premium (paid) add-on designed for those of you who want the ability to sell “seats” for your online courses.

For example, using this add-on you can sell your course to an organization and instead of getting only one user account they can purchase & configure accounts for all of their employees.

This is particularly useful if your doing business-to-business sales for your courses in a convenient and automated way.

This add-on was created by WismLabs and is available for purchase from their site.

Add-On Features

Bulk License Purchase Option – A user (such as a teacher or company manager) can purchase multiple licenses for a single course.

Automatic Group Creation – After purchase a group is automatically created and the purchaser is designated as the leader.

Enrollment Options – The leader can add and remove users to the course(s) purchased.

Front-End Group Management – The leader can manage the group from the front-end of your site eliminating the need to go into the WordPress dashboard.

How It Works

Once installed and activated a customer has the ability to select the number of licenses (or “seats”) they would like for a course during checkout.

After successful purchase, the group is created and the now the customer (Group Leader) can begin adding users via the front-end of your site.

Note: This add-on requires that you sell your courses using WooCommerce.

Where To Download

This is a premium add-on created by WisdmLabs and is available for purchase from their website.

If you have any questions or comments related to this add-on, do not hesitate to leave them below.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Hi Justin,

Thank you for introducing the Group Registration plugin.

We’ve always being working towards creating plugins that add value to LearnDash users. Group Registration has been one such requirement that we are glad we could fulfill.

An important application of this plugin is LearnDash users who would like to allow corporate managers/ trainers/ teachers purchase courses in bulk and enrol students to these courses.

At present the group leader would have the option to enrol/unenrol students from these courses.

Does this integrate with InfusionSoft?

Avatar Pat

Hi Pat,

At present there is no integration of the Group Registration plugin with InfusionSoft. We’ll however make sure to check this out and validate whether we could have it as part of the plugin through updates.

Hi Pat-
Thanks for the comment. I know that the add-on requires WooCommerce, and I believe WC has the ability to integrate with IS.

Love to not have to use WooCommerce and just integrate with InfusionSoft

Welp, that just solved my one gripe – absolutely perfect!

Avatar Matt


This add-on could be the solution for a lot of my problems, and something I have been waiting for, thanks!
I do have some questions though. When a group leader is adding new users, is there a password created for that person and also an individual login? I am struggling to understand how the certificate will be addressed to correct person at the end. I´m sure that this works, but I just do not understand how.

Hi Daniel,

Yes. When a user is enrolled by the group leader, an email is sent to the user with the login details. Once the quiz is completed by that particular user, a certificate will be awarded to that particular user.

Hi Daniel-
The certificate will function as it does today in that the it will be delivered and customized for the user after it is earned. Regarding passwords, I believe the answer is “yes”, but I’ll leave it to the add-on vendor to provide additional context/details.

Hi Daniel,

Yes, once the group leader has enrolled a user to the course, the user will receive the login details via email.

Hi, quick follow-on question.
If a Group Leader deletes an enrolled user after they have completed the course and got their certificate, could they enroll a second user without using up a second license?
My client is anxious that her customers may try to exceed the number of licenses they have paid for, and I’m not sure what security there is against that happening….

Avatar Paula

I am interest to know this, too… if deleting a user after they complete a course frees up a seat.

Also, I am wondering if the plug works with EDD bundles.

I believe it only works with WooCommerce (at least it did originally but you can check). Regarding your first question, that’s best asked to WisdmLabs, they’ll be able to clarify.

Thank you Justin! I could not have imagined better timing for us~ and I also just decided last week to use WooCommerce. It’s so perfect, I couldn’t have dreamt it up! Thank you for your hard work!

Thank you for the kind words Boriana, glad the timing worked for you!

Will it also work with Easy Digital Downloads in the future? This is a mighty powerful add on but I use EDD on the site. Would be absolutely awesome if this will also integrate with EDD at some point.



Hi André,

Thank you for your support towards this plugin.

We do not have immediate plans for an EDD integration but yes, I will be sure to add this to our pipeline of future updates.

That would be awesome, especially as Learndash recommends the use of EDD when using a store. At least, that’s what it used to be.

This is huge. Thanks!

Avatar Bryce

I would live to see this work with Easy Digital Downloads in the future. In the meantime, is it possible to use Woo Commerce for group sales and continue using EDD for individual sales.

That may be possible, but you’ll want to test on a non-production site to ensure there aren’t any conflicts between the shopping carts given the shared functionality between the two.

We really like LearnDash and this was the one really weak area, that frustrates our clints. Glad to see progress on this! Two questions:

– Will there be a version that doesn’t require WooCommerce?

– Are there any existing LearnDash customers using the solution we can get feedback and input from?

Thank you in advance,

Avatar Andy

Hi Andy-
Thanks for the comment. Regarding your questions, those are probably best directed towards the vendor of the add-on. We’re not privy to their dev schedule, plans, or user-base – just wanting to let you know it’s an available option.

This sounds really useful, but I have a question. Can course leaders input new students en masse – via CSV or something similar? I would have users who could potentially want to add 40+ students at a time, adding each one individually would be a deal-breaker.

Hi Johdu,

Although enrolling multiple students is pretty easy, we do not have an option to bulk import student details to perform the enrollment action in bulk.
I’ll however make sure to add this in our list of future updates.

We would love to see the bulk adding functionality added. That would get us to buy into the plugin for sure. We often get 10-100 users at a time!!! Let me know when you have the csv bulk upload option.


Going forward this is a to be an extremely valuable add-on boosting professionality. Good job Justin and thank you WSDMLABS. I’m sure I’ll be using your plugins soon.

Hi Paul,

Glad this plugin is able to help you out with your requirements.

Woocommerce has many types of payment gateway.
My question is: Does Off-line payment work too?

Avatar jaemin

Hi Jaemin,

The Group Registration plugin creates a LearnDash group once the order status of a purchase changes to ‘Complete’.
You can use any payment mode as long as the order status is changed to ‘Complete’.

Our courses are set to expire 180-days after purchase within LearnDash. If a group of 10 seats were pre-purchased to be assigned later (say over the next 2 or 3 months), would the expiration be based on date of purchase or date of assignment to a user out of the pool of pre-purchased seats?

Avatar Dennis

Hi Dennis,

The expiration will be based on the date of purchase and not based on the date of assignment to the user.

Tarun – thank you!

Avatar Dennis

Hi Justin,

This looks like an awesome plugin – will the group leader also have access to the analytics you have on the back end of WordPress? This is a very valuable asset, would love to see it integrated to this add-on if it’s not already.


Avatar Merav Yuravlivker

Hello merav, very interesting question. Did you get any reply? thanks mirco

Tarun – is there a reference customer we can contact who is currently using this solution?

Thank you,

Avatar Andy

Hi Andy,

I do not have any reference yet. Many of the LearnDash users are just setting up the plugin or have just started using.
We are in the process of setting up a live demo for the plugin. I suppose this will help you understand the working of the plugin better.

Tarun – Thank you for the response. Please let us know when the demo site is available and when we can get some feedback from users. – Andy

Avatar Andy

Hi Justin and Tarun,

I think it’s a great plugin. I purchased it two days ago because I think it’s a great change to sell courses to school or teachers giving them the opportunity to add students to the courses themselves. However it doesn’t seem to work for “Social Leaner for Learndash”. to bad because I asked before purchasing it 🙁

To bad because I know it would be a very useful plugin for this.


Good feedback Natasja. If you haven’t already you should let WisdmLabs know as I know they’d probably have interest in making it compatible with that theme.

Hi Justin,

Will contact the WisdmLabs team. I believe this plugin adds enormous value to Social Learner allowing you to let teachers/users create classes/groups and add users themselves.

Do you have examples of this plugin working with learndash? I wonder because connecting the courses to products doesn’t work…


But does this plugin allow for bulk importing of course users? If a manager buys 2,500 employees a license, how do they input those names and emails into the plugin?

I had troubles that were never resolved using the LearnDash groups feature, where I was trying to add hundreds/thousands of existing users to a group. It looks like it would work, but I could only manage bulk adding small numbers of students to a group. It never got resolved and I let the issue drop.

My point is, some of us are converting old training sites to WordPress with LearnDash, and we need plugins like this and smile when we read about their release. But we also need them to be intended to work with legacy sites, so please include ways to easily add 1 or 10 or 1000 students.

Tarun – Thank you for the response. Please let us know when the demo site is available and when we can get some feedback from users. – Andy

Avatar Andy

Hello Rai

How are things going with the live demo for this plugin?

Best regards

Avatar Daniel

Hi Daniel-
You’ll want to contact WisdmLabs to see if they have a live demo of their solution.

Question: What keeps a group leader from purchasing two seats and cycling their 500 employees through our course, by simply changing the “User” info? Is there a way to limit changing a seat assignment once a “user/seat” completes a course and generates a certificate?

Avatar David Hedges

Hi David-

Your question would be best asked to the vendor WisdmLabs – they’ll likely have more details around security options.

In general, if someone wants to share user info, there isn’t much that can be done to prevent that (maybe some simple IP locks, but nothing is foolproof).

Hi Justin,
The FAQ of WisdmLabs says you need to mark the product type as “simple” instead of “course”. This is completely different from the Learndash setup. How will students (or group members) get access to the course?

Thanks for your help, best regards,

When I set the product type as “Simple”, it allows me to adjust the quantity but it doesn’t function as advertised. It no longer automatically creates the group and it does not assign the registrant as a group leader but as a customer. In my opinion, this plugin was released prematurely.

Avatar kevin

Hi Kevin-

Please make sure you raise any concerns with the vendor, WisdmLabs.

Hi Kevin,

Can you email us at [email protected]?
We’ll be able to help you resolve the issue.

Hi Ingrid,

The ‘Course’ type for products, by default, will not allow you to increase the quantity.
And to allow group registration, the LearnDash Group Registration plugin uses the ‘Simple’ product type to overcome this limitation.

The plugin is designed to work with ‘Simple’ product type instead of ‘Course’ will provide you with the option to select the ‘Related Courses’ for every product that you want to enable the group registration option for.

Just a note to those who are using or want to use this plugin.

If a person purchases, for example, five seats, they will actually have five seats + one seat. The purchaser can assign the five seats AND take the course themselves. Essentially, a “Buy more than one seat, Get one free” deal.

Vendor is aware of the issue. No time frame given for resolution. If this is an issue for you, please let them know and give the fix a +1.

Avatar David

How to show the course expiration days to the student or user, in the frontend… I think most of us need this by default options. Course purchase with as well as without group registration. or please guide me how to reach this, please hel me

Avatar James

Hi there!

I absoulutely love LearnDash – and of course this plugin which allows Group Registrations.

Is it possible to set “Group registration” by default? I finde it quite hard to teach customers not to forget to tick the “Group registration”-field…

Thx for your response

Avatar Philip

Thanks Philip! Your question is probably better asked to WisdmLabs (creators of the add-on).

The plugin works very well after the group is actually created except for a couple of caveats that took me a while to figure out after some angry emails from customers after they purchased the course.

1. The plugin will not generate a group until the order is marked complete. That means that they will NOT get immediate access if they paid with a credit card like they do when you purchase an individual course. Many of my customers emails to complain when they didn’t get immediate access to the course. If you also sell physical products, marking an order complete prematurely to give access to the group plugin can screw up any automatic shipping solutions you use.

2. The person who purchases the group registration is automatically assigned to the course AND they get to assign the number of seats they purchased, so the effectively get a free course. If someone purchases on group registration licence, they are added to the course automatically, and then they can assign someone else to the course for free. You could go and manually reduce their number of seats manually after a course is created and remove them from the course, but they will not be able to add themselves to the course after the fact because group leaders can’t add themselves to courses. So you have to know what they want before you start playing around with the group settings.

This “feature” caused a lot of confusion for my customers who couldn’t understand:

a: Why they had access to the courses immediately, but not the group page.
b: Why they had access to the course because they wanted to buy it for their team.

3. Group leaders can’t assign themselves to courses. So if your customer wants to add another group leader, you can easily do that in the back-end, but the new group leader won’t be able to assign them self to the course.

If you can live with the points above, it is a good plugin.

Avatar Chris Werstiuk

Hi Chris,

Up until now, we hadn’t faced such an issue since users dealt only with virtual products. Your scenario was unique and brought a new use-case to light. The team sat to thoroughly investigate this entire situation.

We have a plan of action and have replied to your support thread regarding the same. We could take this forward from there.

Looks like you guys are extremely responsive with feedback 🙂 Were these bugs related to group registration that Chris Werstiuk mentioned fixed?

Avatar Tommy

Hi, great to catch up with the news of this addon.

I’d like to know how it would handle an *existing* user being registered on a course by a group leader. So let’s say Jimmy Johnson is already a user on the site. Then, the group leader lists Jimmy Johnson (and email) in a group registration. Will a duplicate user account be generated? Or will the course be allocated to Jimmy’s existing user account?

Avatar Mike

Hi Mike-
In the event you don’t receive a reply from WisdmLabs, you may wish to contact them directly.

Hi, with this add on, can a company purchase a bulk license then add multiple group leaders or does this just allow for 1 group leader? Also, I see that a customer purchases the number of seats they require at the time of purchase, however can they add more seats at a later date or can I do that for them at the back end (e.g if a staff member leaves and they want to add someone else?)

Avatar Katie

Hi everyone, this sounds like an awesome plugin and I’m wondering if anyone been able to use this Group Registration plugin via a client’s single-sign-on (SSO)? Or if you’ve used this plugin plus another SSO plugin?

i.e. if a company manager has purchased 1,000 seats and they would like to post the course in the company LMS. The company manager doesn’t want to issue a login ID and password to 1,000 employees. They would rather link their LMS to the course/LearnDash so that from their employees’ perspective, it’s a seamless experience.

Has anyone used SSO or any other solution to achieve the desired result?



This sounds like a great add-on and, hopefully, what I need. I would just like to clarify, though;I want to be able to offer my course content to my customers under a one off payment for a 12 month licence method. Once purchased they can have as many members of staff access the training as they need (before the 12 month license expires. Is this possible to do? Is it that the purchaser becomes the group lead and then has front end access to add/ remove members of staff from their account through the ‘enrolment’ element within the add-on?

Many thanks.


Avatar Ash Beaumont

can Group leader see an overview of all users who are watching/completed their course and see a list of all course certificates?

Avatar Arif

Add ons are amazing, thanks for guiding on the license.

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