Some of the main pages in LearnDash:

Your Dashboard:

  • Courses
  • Lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Certificates
  • Settings > LearnDash LMS License

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Creating Courses:

  • Each course may have different settings
  • Create as many courses as you like
  • Each course will be automatically displayed in
  • Use shortcodes provided to display courses anywhere you like [sidebar, posts, pages, etc.]
  • Easily set a price for each course you create


Courses Options:

  • PayPal options
  • Shortcode options (one of three course specific shortcodes shown)


Creating Lessons:

  • Each lesson may have different settings
  • Insert all types of media, including videos, images, PDFs, elearning files, etc.
  • Create as many lessons per course as you like 
  • All lessons are automatically displayed in its associated course


Creating Quizzes:

  • You may set-up each individual quizzes differently
  • Determine the number of times a quiz can be taken
  • Determine the required score for certificate delivery
  • Determine passing grade
  • Each quiz can have a different certificate
  • Label five different knowledge levels
  • Create as many quiz questions as you like
  • Create as many answers as you like
  • Add a unique Correct and Incorrect response message for each question



Quiz Options:

  • Customize button text
  • Customize quiz barriers text 
  • Randomize question and / or answer order
  • Enable and/or disable multiple options
  • Export quiz data


Creating Certificates: 

  • Certificates generated as PDF
  • Accepts HTML and inserted images
  • Use shortcodes to generate user information on certificate [username, score, etc.]
  • Create as many custom certificates as you like