August 25th, 2015 E-Learning

reading-at-computerThe presence of elearning in organizations is no longer a novelty.

Today’s generation is used to elearning. They have used it in schools, for fun (mobile apps) and in the work environment.

In other words, we have reached a state of normalcy with regards to elearning, learning management systems, and the like.

This is by no means a negative. It simply means that elearning courses have become an expectation. People now expect digital learning opportunities, and when they don’t exist they seek them out.

Given that elearning is now part of our everyday vernacular, it’s easy to take its benefits for granted. There was once a time when these benefits were revolutionary. Sure, their luster has worn off but it doesn’t mean they are any less beneficial.

Below are five core benefits to elearning (originally shared by PulseLearning). There are certainly more benefits than this, but these five are what originally revolutionized learning upon elearning’s arrival all those years ago.

5 Major ELearning Benefits

Saves Time – Live training takes a lot of time to create and implement. It also requires that everyone take time out of their day to travel and participate in the training event. When elearning came about it drastically decreased the time required for training delivery and participation.

Environmental Benefits – The carbon footprint is drastically decreased when using elearning for training instead of the traditional in-person format. There’s no need for printed training materials nor are there any travel requirements.

Greater Reach – Large audiences can all participate in the same training no matter where they are in the world. This level of reach and message consistency was foreign prior to online learning methods.

Saves Money – Without the need for physical space, the cost of training was decreased tremendously as a result of elearning. In fact, this benefit has the most impact on an organization’s bottom line. No more travel costs, material costs, venue costs, or trainer costs.

Improved Pedagogy – Additional strategies like gamification have meant greater learner engagement and thus an increase in knowledge retention. Altogether, this results in a greater ROI to the organization for the training initiative.

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Great post Justin
I like the way you described that 5 major benefits of e-learning .
The major benefit of e-learning is saves environment.


Hi Justin,

Great article related on E-learning.
I feel the best advantage of E-learning has to be its portability, ability to learn on the go and the opportunity to reach far off places with the need to create an institution thus saving cost.


I like the way you depicted that 5 noteworthy advantages of e-learning . The real advantage of e-learning is spares environment

Extraordinary article related on E-learning.

I feel the best point of interest of E-learning must be its transportability, capacity to learn on the go and the chance to reach far away places with the need to make an establishment subsequently sparing expense.

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