Popular Hosts for LearnDash

One question we often are asked is what hosting provider works well with LearnDash.

The short of it is that there are many that you can choose from depending on your program needs. If you currently have a WordPress site then you already have a host and chances are that your host will work just fine if it has been working for you up until now.

But online learning programs have a unique set of demands, in particular when you consider the type of media included in courses and the number of users accessing the content (simultaneous users specifically).

With this in mind I wanted to share a list of the more popular hosts people use with LearnDash powered programs. I have separated them into three categories based on monthly investment.

Budget Friendly


If you are just starting out, then you cannot go wrong with SiteGround. They have three main plans for their shared hosting and the top-tier will only set you back ~$12/mo. I tested their hosting and I must say that it is really fast considering how much it costs.

I’d recommend going for their middle plan and then ramping up as needed. This host will take you far.



Arguably one of the more popular names in regards to WordPress specific hosting, WPEngine is a fantastic option for your LearnDash powered program. Where they excel is in their support which is critical when it comes to hosting platforms. If something is wrong with your site then you just need to hop onto chat.


Perhaps not the first host that comes to mind for most people but that could very well change in time. Kinsta has a solid offering with reliable speed, service, and support. LearnDashers definitely say positive things about them.



As a top-tier option you can expect top-tier service with LiquidWeb. One great feature they have is that their platform will update your plugins automatically. If it detects an issue on your site then that plugin be automatically rolled-back to the previous stable version. Say goodbye to things breaking on updates!


An up-and-coming premium hosting provider, LearnDash customers love the fact that they go out of their way to configure their servers specifically for LearnDash. If you have a popular LearnDash site then they work with you to get everything optimal. It’s like having a tech partner!


Pantheon is a perfect option for those with more of a developer background. I am aware of massive multi-site LearnDash programs that are sitting on Pantheon, and for good reason. They are reliable and scale incredibly well.


Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Let's Talk! | Twitter

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  1. Hi Justin,

    You didn’t mention Lightning Base – the host you recommended in an earlier blog post? Any change of heart?

    Jenny Gomes

  2. Hi Justin,

    Would you be able to tell if there are any specific hosting considerations in order to handle LearnDash page or functionality requirements? Any specific use cases that would require a dedicated or cloud vps instead of a shared server?


    1. When you contact the hosts make sure to mention the expected number of simultaneous users you expect and they’ll be able to point you towards a plan that can accommodate accordingly.

  3. FYI: Anyone who needs to regularly import H5P content into LearnDash should avoid Pantheon. I develop much of my content in H5P on a separate development server, and then import it into WordPress using the H5P plugin. As I was developing a new site on Pantheon, the site kept timing out whenever I tried to upload H5P files (even ones as small as 1MB). Their support folks told me that this was due to their PHP max_execution_time setting (apparently the H5P plugin is rather resource-intensive when uploading and processing H5P files) and that it cannot be altered for a specific site, so I was pretty much out of luck. I have not experienced this problem at all on other hosts (including WPEngine and even cheap shared hosts like Bluehost).

      1. I currently have Hostgator is it easy switch hosting on a website already live? What issues does Hostgator have with being compatible to LearnDash?

          1. If I’m having troubles with my images, would that be caused by HostGator. I just signed up with them for three years. I thought they were good. But didn’t do enough research.

            Wondering whether to bite the bullet and change hosts. Do you think it’s worth it?

          2. Many hosts will switch your site for free – just shoot them an email letting them know you’re interested in switching.

    1. No experience with them, sorry. The list above are what LearnDash users reported they like best.

    1. Yes, but we don’t recommend them. The hosts above are what LearnDash users have reported as working best.

  4. Hi, my website is hosted and built by Wix. Do you know if the Hosting part can be removed but the Building part kept? I’ve contacted Wix but still waiting a response.

    Thank you,

  5. Hi Justin

    I’m running a site whith capacity need for 20-30 simultanious users, sometime class room. Must change host (server issues and they lack experience of LD) and found this article. Thanks!
    I was thinking of lightningbase.com which has been recomended before but they were not in this list.
    Is lightningbase.com an alternative for me or would it be better to choose a host from this article?

  6. Any thoughts on Namecheap, Justin. Don’t really want to change if I don’t have to. What sort of questions should we ask the host to ascertain whether they’ll be any good for LearnDash?
    Concurrent users you mentioned earlier, what about memory or SSD and anything else?

  7. Will LearnDash work well with GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress environment and plans? They say that do not support 3rd party plugins and scan nightly to detect and remove disallowed plugins.

  8. Is it possible to make the courses on LearnDash cloud or LearnDash app (if there is something like this available) and then upload them to my website later?
    Or do i need to install plugin first and then upload courses in that plugin?

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