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Every week I have the pleasure of speaking to people who are creating online courses. It really is an exciting process and it’s so rewarding to see people do well when they finish their course and begin making sales.

However, I would by lying if I said that everyone experiences success selling their course.

As you probably can expect it takes a bit of effort to create an online course worth buying, and then market that course effectively.

If you have never done this before then you might not know where to start.

Well, I Have Good News!

laptop-computerMy friend Devin Slavin (also a LearnDash user 🙂 ) has worked for months putting together a fantastic resource for anyone creating an online course.

The result?

The Online Course Creation Summit. A virtual event that you can attend from the comfort of your home.

Devin has interviewed 40+ online entrepreneurs and course creation experts to get their insider secrets on how to be successful in this business.

You’ll learn proven success tips for designing your course, building the course, and (ultimately) promoting your course. Things like:

  • How to choose your course topic or topics
  • What curriculum to include or not include
  • How to test your course ideas to make sure it will sell – BEFORE you build it
  • Easy ways to break free of being camera shy
  • How to stand out amongst the crowd
  • How to build your course in less than 15 min.
  • The best ways to market your course
  • What’s working best for online courses in 2016
  • And so much more!

Oh, and I should mention that the summit is 100% FREE!

But it’s only free if you attend it during the scheduled dates.

If you wait, then you’ll have to pay to get access (which in my opinion would be absolutely worth the investment anyhow).

Below I have included the details for the summit. If you have any questions you can leave a comment.

Summit Details


June 6-17, 2016


Your computer! The summit is 100% online.


Free (but only during the summit dates listed above)


To learn more (and to sign-up to be notified when the summit begins), head on over to the Online Course Creation Summit event page.

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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…only 24hrs post-live viewing window to leverage payments without replays seemingly being made available later? Way too much focus on payments too soon without time to review some interesting content. Conclusion: it feels too spammy, and looks too close to the recently performed Teachable summit, there’s even a picture of Teachable CEO on the email flyers… Id be irritated by that If I was Justin.

OK my bad.. its a third party thing, not a LD thing, at involving guest speakers including Justin et al.. fair enough. seems ok apart from the time out issue.

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