June 17th, 2013 Announcements

LearnDash Updates

If you haven’t seen, this past week we released a fantastic free extension to LearnDash: the ability to award points and badges to users based on their interactions with your courses, lessons, and quizzes.  Well, we also took a moment to clean up some of the functionality in the LearnDash software, and to add a couple items.

A few weeks ago we announced that the LearnDash code has been internationalized.  For those of you unfamiliar with what this is, it essentially means that LearnDash can now be translated into any language quite easily.  In this update, we have further refined the internationalized code, and even added a few languages.  Going forward, LearnDash is now available in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch.  It is our goal to add more languages over time.  If you have translated the software to another language, we would greatly appreciate it if you donate your translation so that others may benefit.

Besides the minor bug updates and further efforts for internationalization, we also added a nifty feature (by popular demand) for certificates.  In the past, users received a certificate to print as soon as they successfully met a certificate threshold for a quiz.  Now, users have the option to print the certificate right away, or come back at a later date and print the certificate by going to the course progress.  The image below demonstrates what this looks like by using the Course Progress shortcode in LearnDash, which posts all quiz results.  If the user did not earn a certificate, the option to print will not be available.

re-print certificateIn the near future, keep an eye out for some exciting updates we have coming in a related capacity, along with some major new features – all of which are based on the feedback we have received from our customers.  Have a suggestion? Feel free to let us know and you may even see it implemented!


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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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My only suggestion, because I love Learn Dash so much, is that you guys could create some templates for the diplomas and certificates. It would be nice to have the borders of the certificate, so that all would be necessary is that we could write what the diploma earned was for and add our logo/picture into the diploma, as well as it autopopulate the students name. I have played around with the diploma’s but have always had difficulty customizing them and making them look high-quality. I would like a border that is blue, or that could be customized into any color. A very high-quality look would be nice.



Hi Bryan, don’t worry, we are building out the certificate feature. 🙂

A way to generate a unique cert number is essential to our record keeping system. It shouldn’t be random, it would be great if it was sequential.

I’m still building our site, but so far LearnDash is wonderful,

Certificates would also be handy if they were awarded when completed a Course, rather than on on Quiz completion. I have a learning site where students aren’t marked, they just need to complete the course/lessons – no quizzes. Thus no certificates.

Avatar Mike

Thanks for the comment Mike. If you add a “quiz” at the end of a course and make it a simple one question quiz (i.e. “I have completed Accounting 101”), then you can issue the certificate at the end of the course.

I agree with Mark, a unique certificate number is crucial as well as more customization around creating a certificate. I continue to be impressed and plan to move forward with implementing learndash into my website. However, for now we will have to email out a separate certificate until your system updates.

Avatar Adam

Great comments. I like having the option to print certificates, but for my audience, being able to display earned badges in a widget or on a profile page would be wonderful.

Hi Patti-
Thanks for the update. This is already possible in LearnDash, See this post: https://www.learndash.com/learndash-update-award-achievement-badges/

Is there a way to put an expiration date on a certificate and a random number?

Hi Manny-
Thanks for the comment. No, not currently – it may be an enhancement we look into.

Is this feature supported yet? This is a big one for us.

Avatar Robert

Any chance there’s been an update on the certificate templates with the nice pretty borders? I was really expecting that I’d be able to issue nice looking certificates to my students but I don’t have the ability to create one from nothing. I get the shortcodes but not how to make them look nice and professional. Please help!

Avatar Allison Romano

Hi Allision, thanks for the note! We’ll look into making more example templates. In the interim, any publishing program would work. Here is a free one so that you can completely customize the certificate.

Hello Justin, I am switching over from Sensei to Learn dash. I really like what you have done with this plugin. I am sure I will have other questions later on, however the one I have now is: Is there a way to NOT give certificates? To give a certificate after each quiz will yield them 28 certificates rather than just one at the completion of the course. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Hi Patrick, thanks for the note. Certificates are optional (you don’t have to award one).

I created additional fields such as , Your (Current postion)in the learndash quiz, how do I get that additional information to be displayed on the certificate associated? Thanks

Avatar kennedy

Only the shortcodes on the ‘Certificate Shortcodes’ tab are supported. Fiels not included in there will need custom development in order to create a shortcode that will render in the certificate PDF output.

Hi, Justin.
My clients wants to share the PDF by its URL. How can I make this work?

That isn’t a supported feature and would need custom development.

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