August 24th, 2015 Instructional Design

Games in elearning?

It doesn’t seem like this could be of benefit to anyone but as it turns out gamification in elearning is proving quite effective.

If you are currently creating an elearning course or already have courses created then you too may want to incorporate gaming elements.

There are a variety of ways to go about this. Some elearning development tools make it possible to easily add simple gaming elements. Another method is to leverage a learning management system that makes it easy to gamify your learning.

Between these two approaches I believe it makes most sense to find a learning management system that supports gamification. Recent trends show that most LMSs are moving in this direction anyhow so finding one that meets this requirement shouldn’t be too difficult.

But why should you incoproate gamification in your learning management system to begin with? If anything, it just sounds like more work. Is the work really worth the effort?

There isn’t an easy way to answer that question as many factors need to be considered.

For example, you may need to consider the current size and culture of your organization. If you’re only training 50 people, then gamification might not be worth the time and effort. However, it’s easier to influence the culture of a small, growing organization than an already large and established one.

Perhaps you are not yet aware of the benefits gamified learning management can have on your learning programs. To help highlight some of the advantages, MatrixLMS has created an infographic (below) that outlines some key considerations.

It’s probably worth mentioning that these benefits aren’t guaranteed. They are simply examples of possible outcomes given a successful implementation.

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Justin, good blog article as always. I have a specific issue customers are bringing up, that I hope you can help with. My customers are mostly companies that have a number of employees. There will be a owner, or office manager, that has a company credit card and they would like to use that credit card to purchase the class for multiple employees. The way Learn a Dash works with PayPal now, you can only have one user per credit card number. Your tech support group claims this is due to a limitation of PayPal. My webmaster does not think this is a Paypal limitation, but s limitation in Learn Dash when using PayPal. I have to believe that other users of Learn Dash have run into this and it is really frustrating my customers. We don’t really want to add a shopping cart, as we don’t sell other products online. Paypal doesn’t really care about what you’re buying, other than displaying it as text during the payment process, and doesn’t have anything to do with creating accounts and giving access to the course….that’s all in Learn Dash. What we really could use is for one person to purchase one course for multiple people, or at a minimum, at least have the ability to use one credit card number for multiple people. Is this something you are working on for a future release?

Avatar Andy

I am interested in this functionality too. Perhaps it’s already in the Ideas Tab?

Avatar Michelle

There are gaming elements are available using BadgeOS and Zapier addons.

Gamification definitely gives an edge to your learning management systems and helps in activating users interest in learning. It does not make learning monotonous aand this how the newer generation prefer to learn.

My personal favorites are BadgeOs because of its gaming elements like awarding badges and certificates and also BuddyPress because of it provides social media connect and help stream user activities.

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