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It isn’t a secret that people are making money using LearnDash to sell online courses – some of them are making a lot of money.

The concept is simple enough, but if you haven’t done it before then it can all be a bit intimidating.

That’s where Megan Harrison comes in.

Megan is a consultant who specializes in online course creation and launch strategy. She has helped other entrepreneurs launch successful online courses using LearnDash.

We had the opportunity to ask Megan a few questions about herself and her business.

Tell us about yourself

To me, the secret to happiness is progress so I’m always looking for new ways to grow in every area of my life. I’m kind of a learning and personal development junkie so it makes a lot of sense that I built a business around education.

I absolutely love meeting new people, traveling and collaborating with others on business ideas so this is what I try to spend most of my time doing.

Tell us about your organization

Megan Harrison Consulting is a digital agency that specializes in designing and developing online courses and certification programs.

We believe that the sole purpose of a course should be to expedite the process of getting your customers from where they are to where they want to be and being able to produce results for your customers is what truly constitutes a successful course.

By using the Results Centered Training Framework, we help our clients organize and structure their expertise in a way that focuses on the actions their customers need to take in order to accomplish the overall goal of the course.

What is your online course creation process?

How do you use LearnDash?

I’ve worked with clients across a very broad range of industries from business consultants, bodybuilders, spiritual teachers, marketing experts, medical professionals, singing coaches among others, to create online courses, certification programs, and continuing education courses.

In my opinion, the secret “Premium Course Cocktail” is achieved by using LearnDash (LMS) + Memberium (membership plugin) + Infusionsoft (CRM/e-Commerce/Marketing Automation)

I also use it personally for my own online course, Online Courses Academy.

How would you describe your experience with LearnDash?

The capabilities that LearnDash provides are so powerful. I have not found another solution that comes close to being able to accomplish what you can with this program.

Something that is really important to me is that the company has a forward thinking focus and makes it a priority to stay on top of the trends in the online learning industry.

For example, I’m confident there will be huge growth in the demand for certifications programs and the use of badges and LearnDash is set up perfectly for this.

I’ve also found that you can achieve a very clean look and feel using LearnDash. Our course designs are one of our greatest competitive advantages so this is really important.

Where can people learn more about you and your services?

My services can be found on my website, and I can be best contacted from there as well.


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