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swiss-army-phoneThe elearning industry isn’t the only area that’s experiencing growth. Mobile learning is on the rise as well.

While it can be easy to attribute the growth of mobile learning to one or two things, the reality is that a combination of factors are driving the upward trend.

Cultural norms around mobile technology, learning remotely, and accessibility expectations all influence the industry.

Companies and universities further the growth by adding mobile learning compatible learning to their programs.

Studies have found that by 2015, 80% of people will be accessing the internet through mobile technology. In fact, 65% of workers indicated that their mobile device was the most critical work device.

Seeing as users consider mobile technology the most essential, it only makes sense for digital learning to adapt accordingly.

In one survey, 100% of participants indicated that they would complete more training if it were offered in mobile format.

But it’s not just beneficial to the learner. Companies also benefit.

Mobile learning can account for a 33% greater revenue per employee. This could be because 45% less time is spent in training on average when mobile learning is used.

It’s because of facts like these that a large number (71%) of today’s top learning organizations are now adopting mobile learning. This is up from the reported 45% back in 2012.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start making the transition of your content. Depending on the content’s current format, the transition could be easier than you think!

For example, if you have a course created in Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate, you can republish it to Tin Can API (instead of SCORM) which will allow content to be better taken and recorded from mobile devices.

In other cases you may just need to transition to a mobile friendly learning management system.

Whatever is necessary for your content transition, starting now will better position your organization to attract and maintain talent in the coming years.


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thanks Justin
Is learn dash already a mobile LMS if I have a WordPress mobile site or could / should I further explore other options? If so, which apps dovetail best with learn dash?

Avatar Jayne

Hi Jayne-
If your WordPress theme is mobile compatible, then LearnDash will be as well since it adopts your theme’s layout and styling.

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