May 5th, 2016 E-Learning

computer-on-deskFollowing elearning industry trends is something I enjoy doing – everything from the tech-tools to instructional design strategies.

A few years back gamification was all the rage.

It still is popular (and with good reason), but it’s not being written about to the same degree as it once was in our industry.

The same thing happened with Tin Can API (xAPI). For some time it was discussed and touted with much excitement. The “shine” has wore off but it’s still an integral part to elearning.

Today there is a new trend that is emerging, and it’s micro-learning.

I know what you’re probably thinking:

“But Micro-Learning Isn’t New…”

True. It isn’t new, but it’s emerging.

That’s the thing with trends. In most cases a trend has actually existed for some time before it becomes popular.

Micro-learning is slowly stepping into the spotlight.

What Does This Mean?

In simple terms this means as micro-learning becomes more “trendy”, you are going to hear the elearning industry discuss, study, and innovate around it.

From a technology standpoint it could mean new tools for effectively creating (or implementing) micro-learning course content to users. As we gain a better understanding of what works best, this is more likely to happen.

You will also see thought leaders writing about the benefits of this method of content delivery.

I am personally looking forward to seeing more the results of studies or trials that are done comparing micro-learning to traditional elearning formats.

So keep an eye on this space. Over the course of 2016 we’ll start to see much more about micro-learning.

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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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“There will be an increase in blog posts, formal” — was something cut off there? I’d love to learn more about this concept of what Microlearning is! Thanks for this post.

Justin is spot on: microlearning isn’t a new, but it is emerging into mainstream learning. Think of microlearning as mobile-first “Learning Nuggets” or just in time performance support — in other words, not a slimmed down, miniaturized version of traditional eLearning courses. Rather, today’s microlearning is designed with mobile in mind from the get-go, taking advantage of the navigation and gestures used on mobile devices. I’m also excited to see new tools and use case examples that show how microlearning is being used effectively in the field. As it moves into mainstream, that will open the doors for more of us to innovate in mobile learning arena.

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