January 25th, 2016 Business

tips-imageOne of the hardest decisions to make when selling courses online is determining what the course will cover.

Should you create a course related to your hobbies?

Should the course be related to your profession?

Perhaps it makes sense to sell a course that has a proven market and you can learn as you go along?

The truth is that any one of these approaches can be successful.

But there is another niche in the course marketplace that is often overlooked because it isn’t as exciting as other course topics, and that’s compliance training.

There is Big Money in Compliance

Most people don’t realize how much potential there is in the compliance niche.

It’s massive.

There will always be required training in nearly every industry, and often these types of courses are requirement by local and federal governments.

It’s an evergreen market. You’ll always have customers.

Now, just because there is big money to be made in the compliance niche doesn’t mean that it’s easy money.

Truth is you’ll have to work even harder to make your course stand out among the others. You can expect quite a bit of competition as other people and organizations go after the same slice of the pie.

But let’s be honest: any niche worth pursuing is going to have competition. Think of it as a form of validation.

Your biggest challenge will be getting your offering to stand out over your competitors on something other than price. Pricing your course lower is a race to the bottom. You’ll get ran out of business before you even start.

Take the time to form a unique selling proposition that resonates in the industry. Study the competition and research the market.

It’s going to take a lot of work but the rewards of compliance training are immense.

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