June 5th, 2014 E-Learning

Edtech-imageIt isn’t all that uncommon for people to take some course online today. Whether it is for a K-12 class, university setting, or professional institution – online course work comes with many advantages.

The biggest advantage is subjective depending on your own personal situation. What you might find as the best perk in online education may be third or fourth on the list for someone else.

Below are some of the main advantages of online learning. If you haven’t signed-up for a course yet, perhaps one of these will persuade  you!

The Perks of Online Learning

Mobile Access – You are no longer confined to taking a course at one location. If you are a professional with limited time, this is perfect! Take the continuing education credits at your own leisure.

Online Badges – Courses administered online often have some form of points or badges that are awarded. With programs like Mozilla Open Badges, you can now take these achievements with you wherever you go to demonstrate your qualifications.

Unlimited Course Topics – You can find an online course or training program for just about any discipline. It can be for building websites, creative writing, content marketing, Adobe Captivate, WordPress, business, or even law. There is something like 130,000 courses from over 350 providers.

Specialized – Not only are there a lot of courses to choose from, but you can also get in-depth information on a subject specific to your industry. Many of these courses count for accreditation for a specific certification or specialized expertise.

Affordable – It’s no secret that online learning is more cost effective than live courses. Often there is little to no commuting, no physical textbooks, and reduced fees because elearning lacks the traditional logistical expenses.


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I am currently enrolled in an online bachelor’s prorgram and I tell you what, it’s the best thing for me. What makes it work for me is that I can use my 10+ years working in the corporate world to apply the concepts of what is being taught. The coursework helps reinforce what I may already know and the lack of tests and quizzes is great too because I (like many) do not test well, even if it’s material I am already knowledgeable about.

I wish more people would be understanding and willing to open their minds as to why an online educational setting works for me. Online education is not for everyone and people should realize that, just like the brick and mortar setting is not for everyone.

Thank you for such a great write-up!

Avatar Jenn

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