July 9th, 2013 Announcements

LearnDash Updates latestWell, it’s that time again – the time where we officially release a new and improved version of the LearnDash WordPress LMS based on user feedback captured in the forums, help desk, and through phone conversations 🙂 !

Since our last major update, we have been jotting down all of our users’ suggestions and working them into our development plan. Besides, this is YOUR product, and as long as you are using LearnDash, then you can rest-assured knowing that we are committed to continuous improvement.

A Quick Word

Before we jump into the updates, make sure you check out some of the recent additions and enhancement we have made in the LearnDash Library, specifically the Achievement Badges.  If you want to easily add a layer of gamification to your LMS, now you can!  Simply follow the instructions on the support site and you’ll have everything going in minutes!

And now, onto the latest updates…

Enhanced Certificate Functionality

certOne of the great things about LearnDash is the ability to instantly award a certificate to your users after they successfully pass a quiz.  Many LearnDashers have asked for this feature to be made a bit more user-friendly, including the ability to use some pre-made templates – well, now you can!  Simply create a new certificate, upload a Featured Image, and click Update.

Now, all you have to do is insert text, or use the shortcodes we have available to customize the certificate for each user, into the text editor. Anything placed in this field will appear on-top of the Featured Image.  Oh, and because we know that you might like some examples, we have even uploaded a few pre-made certificates to the support site.  You can use these to get started quickly, or create your own from scratch.

Assignment Uploads

Sometimes a lesson calls for an assignment, and now you can manage this process with the new assignment upload feature.  When creating a lesson, simply check the box to indicate whether there is an assignment associated with the lesson.  When a user comes to the lesson, they will be prompted to upload their assignment on the lesson page (i.e. written document, image, etc.).  If lesson progression is enabled, they will not be able to continue onto the next lesson until their assignment has been manually approved.


As the admin, you can then see a list of all the assignments being uploaded, and if it meets your criteria, you can click the “Mark Complete” button so that the lesson is flagged as “completed” for the user.

Course Pre-Requisites

Prior to this update, LearnDash allowed you to specify a lesson order for your courses so that you could control a learner’s experience.  This still exists, but now you can take it one step further and specify a pre-requisite for the entire course! Going forward, if you have multiple courses, but want to ensure that courses are taken in a specific order, all you have to do is select that course from the drop-down menu.

If a user tries to access the course before completing the pre-requisite, they will be given a special message  and a link to the course that they must complete first.

Self-Enrollment of Free Courses

If you have some free courses on your LMS, now your users can self-enroll by clicking the “Join” button that appears on the course description page.  After clicking “Join”, they will be mapped to the course and it will appear as one of their assigned courses. Now the user will have access to the course materials, lessons, and quizzes.

Bug Fixes

A huge thank-you to all of you who have pointed out any pesky bugs. We have cleaned them up in this release.

Big Plans Ahead

We hope you enjoy the flexibility that these new features give you with your learning management system.  Our commitment to you and to the consistent improvement of LearnDash is our #1 priority. The learning industry is our specialty, and we have gained valuable insights through consulting Fortune 500 companies with their international learning programs – our experience is your benefit.

Leveraging this experience, we have identified some exciting enhancements in the not-too-distant future.  So as you get your feet wet with some of these new features, keep one eye on your inbox for more news from us!

NOTE: You can automatically update to the latest version of LearnDash by using the one-click update feature in your Admin panel.

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Hi Justin, great updates. Wondering if in the next update you could add the ability for the user to cycle through test questions using the “enter” or “return” key rather than having to click submit manually using their mouse. This would be great!


Avatar Max

Hi Max, thank you for the comment! I have noted your suggestion as a possible future update.

Hello, Justin.

I can see that this is an old comment, but can you inform me if this has been implemented?

I have some quizes that would benefit tremendously with this feature. It wouldn’t be so repetitive to type the answer, then drag the mouse to click the next button, then drag the mouse to click on the textfield, type the answer, then drag the mouse to click the next button, etc.

Also, is it possible for the textfield to be already on focus when you click the next button? With something like this, the person wouldn’t need to take the hand off the keyboard and we would be able to make speed quizes (quizes based on short time periods).

Oh, just thought of something. If that’s possible, could the remaining time for each answer stack up as the student progresses?

Keep up the great work. I’m enjoying working with LearnDash 😀
Thank you very much.

Hi Nardyello-

Happy to help, make sure to submit a support ticket and we can discuss further!

This looks great! It’s so great watching learndash grow! You are developing new features faster than I can learn them. I’m so glad I decided to use this product when it first launched. The support has been Above and Beyond, and I’m always excited to see the new features being offered. Thanks for all your work Learndash team.

Thank you for the kind words Krista, much appreciated! 🙂

Wow, great improvement! Will you be providing a video to show us how to take full advantage? Also, it would be so cool to use be able to insert some custom data into the certificates that is user specific, eg RN License number, which could be input at registration or be prompted when the user goes to print the certificate. Is that a possibility?

Thanks Steve – yes the support videos have been updated with respect to the new features. Thanks for the suggestion with certificates, I have included this into consideration for future updates. Although you may be able to pull user data into the certificates using the meta field code.

The free course feature is perfect. this will allow for teaser/sample courses before signing up for the full version. beautiful!

Hi Adam-
Thanks for the note, glad you like it 🙂


Is this version ready for translation? I don´t want to translate all files and then with new updates get all my work lost.


Avatar Alfredo

Hi Alfredo-
Yes this version is also ready for translation. If you already translated your version, then you can save your .PO and .MO files and upload them again after updating.

Wonderful upgrades. I especially like the assignment upload! You are doing a good job and being very attentive to the real needs of your audience!

Thank you Tansey, happy you like the updates!

How to enable assignment upload feature in leardash

Avatar Laxman

It’s an option on lessons/topics (checkbox)

Hi Justin,
thanks for the update. I’ m really happy about the Enhanced Certificate Functionality.
I cannot find the post where you explained how to change the certificate layout from landscape to portrait.
I want to print on standard company letterhead stationary, which ist portrait 😉


Avatar JAn

Hi Jan-
Thank you for the note, it’s great to hear you find value in some our updates! Feel free to post your question in the support forum and we’d be happy to provide assistance.

Hi Justin,

I signed in for the beta test voor Learndash Plus, some time ago, but didn’t get a reaction yet. Would love to test. I’m a developer and publisher and familiar with testing websites and software.


Avatar Wilco

Great job on LearnDash so far Josh. How much longer until you roll out the ability to add units to lessons natively (without the tab work around)?


Avatar David

Nice to see enhancement in LearnDash… Expecting some new good looking themes for Quiz template.

Avatar Ahemad

Hi Justin,
About Assignment Uploads, can learners upload audio files? Will they be able to replay, add, delete their audio files?

Avatar Xuan Ngoc

Hi Xuan-
Thanks for the note. Yes, audio files can be uploaded – if you have additional questions for your particular case, feel free to submit a comment on the support forum at http://support.learndash.com (if you’re a customer), or send us a note at https://www.learndash.com/contact


We use Learndash, in one of our regular Database Checks I have noticed the course completion details have gone missing for some of the users. Like a user who has completed Course A, Course B, Course C, the reports are showing as not initiated. While the user has already completed the courses many months ago. The Issue has erupted since August last can you pl check. Many of our records are showing incorrect data because of this.

Avatar Ranjani

Thanks for the note. Please submit a ticket with the necessary details.

I have just purchased LearnDash and would like to use it in my university courses. My class sites are multiauthor. Instead of making assignments file uploads, I would like assignments to be wordpress posts or pages. Is this possible?

I’m sorry, this isn’t a feature in LearnDash. You could award points for posts though using a plugin like Gamipress.

Thank you for your quick reply and suggestion. I will try it!

Avatar Jamie

Is it possible to add ‘text field’ on the assignment submission?
now it shows a simple file upload feature..
so student can choose either just wright something there, or upload the file.
I saw the ‘essay submission’ feature under the quiz. I wish to have it under assignment.. plz advice if this is possible.

Avatar Rohan

Can you please update your screenshots and info for the latest versions? That would be very helpful for new users of the plugin.

Avatar Heinz

Please see our documentation for latest screenshots.

Where can I find these examples? 🙂 “Oh, and because we know that you might like some examples, we have even uploaded a few pre-made certificates to the support site. You can use these to get started quickly, or create your own from scratch.”

Avatar Desiree

That’s cool
but will it be possible to add an “correction file” to on assignment, that way we can, as an instructor, send to ower student a personal correction to there assignement.

Thanks and great job so far !

Avatar Stéphan

Hi. I need due dates for assignments and quizzes. A fundamental sort of learning is that students have to complete work by a certain date. Is there a way to do this?

Avatar Devon

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