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Every now and again we like to do a spotlight on people who are just like you that have adopted LearnDash as their WordPress LMS plugin for their businesses. Today we are sharing the story of Greg Lam, an entrepreneur dedicated to helping small business owners operate more efficiently.


What is Small Business Doer and how did it start?

The Small Business Doer  is the Entrepreneur’s Guide to Small Biz Bookkeeping. The whole site started off as a live journal for my business plan where I posted my entire plan online and updated it once a month. The idea was that in business school you always do case studies on these huge businesses from years ago, but wouldn’t it be great to have a live case study of a real small business.

On the blog I always wrote about small business technology, and the posts that received the most attention were the ones around online accounting software. That’s when I started to focus solely on educating small business people to learn how to bookkeeping using online accounting software.

My training is composed of video based and interactive lessons. I think it’s great that in this day and age (wow, that makes me sound like I’m in my 60’s) that I can put training out there that can help tens, hundreds, or thousands at a time instead of just the one-on-one that I was used to doing.

How does LearnDash help your business?

I’m a big proponent of having control over what I do, that’s a large reason as to why I’m an entrepreneur. As part of this, I run my own website using WordPress as the platform. It’s great, because whenever I need extra capabilities, there always seems to be a plugin to do what I need.

And that’s when I discovered LearnDash. It was exactly what I needed; a learning management system that worked with my existing wordpress site. It allowed me to keep my video training, written posts, downloads, and all the rest all in one place. Better yet, I was able to start tracking and control the experience of the users taking my course.

How would you describe your experience with the LearnDash support?

In one word, awesome! I’ve used support on numerous occasions and have always been able to get a quick and helpful response. I know some features that were added were partly because some of the conversations between myself and support.

So as I encountered problems, LearnDash was there to help solve them.  I don’t know what else i could ask for in terms of support.

What’s next for your business?

The advanced quizzing that LearnDash has is something that I have not taken full advantage of, but is one of the features that excites me the most. I wanted a way to integrate text, videos, images, and interactions, all in a quiz, and LearnDash lets me do this.

The advanced quizzing was not part of the initial feature set when LearnDash first started, but it’s a perfect example of why I’m glad I chose LearnDash. It seems like every week I’m receiving an email saying a new feature was added.


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